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The approval rating of Trump sinks to new low

 article about The approval rating of Trump sinks to new low
Based on the latest Gallup poll the approval rating of President Trump has sank to 37%, that means the rating has gone down 8% compared to a week earlier when it stood at 45%.

The number of people who disapprove of his job as a President of the United States is 58%.

Former president Barack Obama's usual approval rating was in the low 50s, with the lowest being also 38% on August 2011, October 2011, and September 2014. The lowest for G.W. Bush was 25% in October 2008, Nixon's lowest was 24%, and Truman's 22%. The highest lowest approval rating ever was for Kennedy, at 56%.

The Gallup poll is conducted daily via phone interviews with 1500 people and is nationwide. It should have maximum of 3% error margin.

You can see the Gallup poll here.

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