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135,000 EU nationals apply to live in Britain permanently

 article about 135,000 EU nationals apply to live in Britain permanently
Within the last 6 months more than 135,000 EU nationals have applied to live in Britain permanently. Theresa May is pressured by the EU to allow EU citizens to remain in the UK even after Brexit, but as May's government is not too fond of the idea, EU nationals from different countries are taking steps to make sure they can stay, whatever the UK government will decide.

In order to get the permission to live in Britain permanently, they need to fill an 85-page form, costing 65, and the process can be considered sort of a nightmare. But as the numbers show, more than hundred thousand people have started the process.

In order to be eligible for applying for permanent stay, the applicants need to be able to prove that they have been living and working in the country for at least five years, and provide documents for each instance when they have left UK during the lat five years. Considering travelling around EU from one country to another doesn't require a stamp in a passport any more, sharing, and also confirming that data is close to impossible.

If the person who has been living in the UK for five years but has not been working, must show they at least have comprehensive health insurance.

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