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The 9 Year Old Soccer Prodigy
This little man is being hailed as the next soccer sensation. Jean Carlos Chera plays for Associacao Desportiva Atletica youth team in Brazil. Incredilby, he’s only 9 years old, is just four foot six inches tall, and weighs in at only 77 pounds. Child football progidies are nothing new. The remarkable thing about Che... continue reading
Tadpole Swims With Big Fish
is the indie filmmaking dream come true. Shot entirely on digital video
in just two weeks for a cost of just $150,000, director Gary Winick
took "Tadpole" to Sundance in 2002 and came home with not only the
Director’s Award but also a $5 million distribution deal from the
mighty Miramax. As with all Su... continue reading
Scorsese on autopilot with
Hughes packed a lot into his 71 years. The American icon achieved fame
in two of America’s glamour industries, both filmmaking and aviation.
His "Hells Angels" was the most expensive movie ever made, and for a
time he was the fastest man on earth. A serial bedder of Hollywood
starlets, he counted Ava Gard... continue reading
Prime Time Politics
The fall line up has been disappointing. Joey is not the new Frasier, The Apprentice 2 is more of the same, and I dont recognize anyone on Saturday Night Live. Even the usually reliable Scrubs has lost its edge (I blame Heather Graham). Luckily, theres an election coming, and for people like me its the best entertainme... continue reading
Shaun Of The Dead
Things were looking bad for British cinema. You can only go so far with
movies starring Hugh Grant (Four Weddings, Notting Hill) and movies
about the most unlikely of people taking their clothes off (The Full
Monty, Calendar Girls). There was a recent attempt to try something
different called Sex Lives Of The Potat... continue reading
The Streets - A Grand Don't Come For Free
Any groundbreaking debut album deserves your respect, but when
sophomore effort time comes around, the artist deserves sympathy,
patience and understanding. In an ideal world each album would be
judged on its own merit, untainted by the gleam of past success. But
it's not, so they're not, and unfortunately for Mike... continue reading
Do We Really Need DVD?
Looking back, VHS was rubbish wasn't it? How did we endure all that
tracking, endlessly turning the dials in a futile attempt to remove
that unsightly snow from the top and bottom of our picture? And what
good is a VHS copy of Basic Instinct if the screen shakes like an
epileptic whenever you press pause? Even wors... continue reading
Mugabe Bans Colour Red! No, Really!
Things have gone from bad to worse to just plain old crazy in Zimbabwe. President Robert Mugabe (pictured with Hitler-style moustache) has banned the colour red from Zimbabwe television. No, youre not reading The Onion, this is for real. Red is the colour of the opposition party Movement For Democratic Change. In a des... continue reading
The British Are Coming!
Two years ago I conducted a little experiment. To test George Bernard
Shaws theory that England and America are two countries separated by
the same language I had a few of my transatlantic friends watch the
then cult British sit-com The Office. It went down very well, and
George Bernard was exposed as the liar we... continue reading
Moore Easy Targets, Moore Money
With predictions that Fahrenheit 9/11 could play a role in the November elections, Michael Moore is back in the news. Hes received plenty of criticism already but its always for either his politics or his weight. As someone who believes that Moore should be able to eat whatever and however much he wants, and whose p... continue reading
Mr. Monkey: Euro 2004
Hallo humans! Mr. Monkey here, the Internet's most popular simian astrologer. This week I'm turning my talents of prediction to the game you call football, and the Euro 2004 tournament in Portugal. I can't forecast a winner since that's beyond even my skills, but according to my tea leaves the following things will hap... continue reading
Dave Gorman: His Googlewhack Adventure
There's a certain type of person who only goes on holiday so they can
show you the slides when they get back. Dave Gorman is one of those
people.Luckily he's not your boring uncle who just returned
from a guided boat tour of the Dudley canal system- h'es more like your
hilarious best friend who has just been to fou... continue reading
Mr. Monkey's Horoscope
That's right! I'm back! And what's more I think I'm getting the hang of this whole horoscope thing. They laughed when I said I wanted to be the world's foremost internet-based monkey astrologer, but (unless you know another one) I've done it. Mrs. Monkey is so proud!  ARIES (21 March 20 April)  The rin... continue reading
Ireland In Seven Clichs
  With Dublin about to collapse under the weight of tourists (mostly of the oversized American variety) its worth re-examining some of the old stereotypes about the Emerald Isle . So many people who have never set foot in Ireland have an image in their head of what the place is like, whether its cheery leprechauns... continue reading
Mr. Monkey's Magical Horoscope
Hello there and welcome! My name is Mr. Monkey and The Cheers has asked me to write a weekly horoscope column. Between you and me, Ive got no idea what Im doing, but as the saying goes you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. And here I am!Anyway, you can see from my picture that I'm trying my best. It was taken by the... continue reading
Kill Bill Volume Two
Finally, Volume Two is here. The stage is set for Uma to continue her
roaring rampage of revenge and Kill Bill. Unfortunately, Bill likes to
talk. A lot.We were promised more chit-chat, but instead of the
trademark Tarantino dialogue, theres a lot of grandiose meandering.
Chief culprit is Bill, who delivers big, im... continue reading
San Marino Celebrate Historic First Win
.   April 28th 2004 San Marino 1 0 Liechtenstein   The San Marino national football team is used to waiting. They were founded in 1931, but werent recognised by governing body FIFA until 1988. There was a further two year delay, before their first competitive fixture, a 4-0 loss to Switzerland in Novem... continue reading
English Premier League round-up
Didnt You Used To Be   Chris Armstrong? Last seen hobbling around up front for Wrexham with knees that no longer bend. A joyous three seasons as top scorer at Crystal Palace earned him a 4.5million move to Tottenham as Jurgen Klinsmanns replacement. What was deemed an unsuccessful seven years at Spurs, actually ... continue reading
Do Actions Speak Louder Than The 'N' Word?
 A big, big controversy erupted in England this week involving the man they call Big Ron  Atkinson. Atkinson had been co-commentating on ITVs coverage of the high-profile Monaco versus Chelsea Champions League semi-final on Wednesday night. So far, so good. The usual procedure at ITV is to switch back to... continue reading
So Good it's Bad?
Requiem For A Dream is the 21st Centurys answer to The Exorcist. The
latter was banned in Britain from 1973 to 1998. The British Board of
Film Censorship saying, the problem with The Exorcist is not that it is
a bad film, it is that it is a very good film. Its one of the most
powerful films ever made. The opposite ... continue reading
An 'eejit' in Budapest
      The Budapest trams have a timetable. I know this because I spent hours studying it, but now realise its more of a polite gesture than an indication of when the trams might arrive. The ticket machines are similarly free-spirited. We dont want your money! they say as they spit your Forints back at y... continue reading


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