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The Zillion Dollar Scam
For quite a long time people like you and I have been receiving
emails regarding transfer of huge amounts of money to your account for
nothing or more precisely for our consent only. Moreover,
people like us may also find it an opportunity of a lifetime to take a
bit of risk if such a huge amount can be deposited ... continue reading
Sexual Ethics and Morals
Sexual morals are greatly affected by some parts of behavioral ethics applicable to human beings. The social norms, personal habits and behavioral patterns are all associated directly with sexual instinct. The following sexual ethics have been given more thought by the modern thinkers: female modesty, male sense of h... continue reading
Sexual Ethics in Islam and the Western World
Without knowing my abilities, I selected to write on one of the very hot topics of gay marriages, but just when I was analyzing the scenarios, various other flaws were identified as well. I found a solution to the problems in one of the many religions being followed nowadays. I dont want to endorse the accuracy of this... continue reading
Setting Up Call Centers
It seems old now to be discussing call centers in the current era. But considering the way Automatic Call Distribution Systems (ACDS) have been replaced by fully loaded call centers successfully, we should know how to setup it up as the procedure is complex and hectic.

[ACDS systems transfer calls to a free telepho... continue reading
An Untold Story
A Scence at the place of incident On 11th June 2004 the Karachi Corps Commander Lieutenant-General Ahsan Saleem Hayat narrowly escaped an assassination attempt while seven army men and three police officers were killed in the incident. After this incident investigations were started immediately. The investigation comm... continue reading
Polygamy in Islam
The Quran verses are misquoted, to present that Islam allows marrying unlimited number of women at the same time, but this is not true.This article is based on my personal research from different sources, including the Holy Quran, and a research paper by Dr. Zakir Naik.Modern non-Muslims have always thou... continue reading
Linux or Windows
The brain child of Microsoft has never faced difficulties capturing advanced computer users, prior to the advent of Linux.
The main reason is that many of the Linux versions are available for
free with full features. But be careful. I don't mean all the features
available in Windows.  So, linux or windows? The... continue reading
Minimize Windows 9x/ME Crashes
It was highly appreciated when Microsoft decided to follow the Micro
Kernel architecture, and being a technically minded person, I really
appreciated this effort and still do. The fact that even Microsoft
failed to realize was that the people before this advent were using
hardware specific software to keep on runni... continue reading
Computing Q&A
The Cheers is pleased to announce the new Computing Q&A section. In this section the readers can ask their computing related problems which may vary from Technical PC Issues to Programming Languages. Your questions will be answered on a weekly basis. We do not claim to answer all the questions but we will try our b... continue reading
Comparison Between Java and .Net
Java versus .net, how to choose among the two? What parameters to consider when adopting a technology for software development for lifetime (J2EE application development?)?

I assume that you as a reader know about the two named technologies, at
least who developed them? And what is the main objective of both the... continue reading
Impact of Indian TV Channels on Pakistani Culture
Nowadays, at home a mother is not going to scold you for coming late at home, but rather when you demand her to change the channel to something good, first she denies you. When you change the channel yourself, stubbornly, testing her reaction, the experiment shows that she will recall upon all the verses from the Quran... continue reading
MSN Nicknames
MSN nicknames - from where do they come? Do people just want to have
cool msn nicknames? It is like asking where your real name came from,
or why your parent chose such a name for you. However, my part is only
to share the research I did find regarding why people keep such
interesting and odd nicknames on the MSN M... continue reading
Muslims Killing Muslims
In order to write onto this matter, it was necessary for me to find a great deal of material and human resources, which to my excitement included a few personalities who really deserve to be awarded a degree in history. It also included people who do not belong to any particular sect.... continue reading
Organizational Benefits of Implementing an Intranet
By definition Intranet is an environment, which implements Internet
Applications like HTTP, WWW, Email, FTP etc. over a LAN, whereas the
term LAN doesn't necessarily limits the geographical bounds in this
case. In large organizations it is good to have internal (i.e.
private to organization) Internet services for ... continue reading
Construction and Management Issues for Intranets
The definition of Intranet should be well known to you people by now, as we have already discussed the benefits of implementing one. The following issues should be considered when trying to implement an Intranet for the first time:   CONSTRUCTION  ISSUES:         Deciding wh... continue reading
Organizational Benefits of Implementing an Intranet
By definition Intranet is an environment, which implements Internet Applications like HTTP, WWW, Email, FTP etc. over a LAN, whereas the term LAN doesnt necessarily limit the geographical bounds in this case.   In large organizations it is good to have an intranet.   The observed advantages of such impl... continue reading
Cracking Windows 2000 Passwords
How can the assertively most secured operating system in the world be cracked for passwords? How can you crack windows passwords?
If you have read my second article also available in this issue -
Security Issues and Solutions, I stated that no system in this world
can be fully secured. There are always loop h... continue reading
Security Issues & Solutions for Home PC Users
If you are connected to Internet, be aware of the threats and security issues involved. Before
going further let me enunciate about a fact, the term PC which stands
for Personal Computer was first evolved by IBM when they invented the
computers for home use, Technically, if you are connected to Internet
or a LAN or... continue reading
Islamic Fundamentalism Explained
What is Islamic Fundamentalism? For a long time, in an ever varying world, we have been listening to things about Muslims. What they do and how they do it. Being a Muslim myself, I would like to explain it to you.

I won't be trying to prove any point about any religion, the main notion behind the story is to explai... continue reading

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