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The Zillion Dollar Scam

 article about email scams
For quite a long time people like you and I have been receiving
emails regarding transfer of huge amounts of money to your account for
nothing or more precisely for our consent only.

people like us may also find it an opportunity of a lifetime to take a
bit of risk if such a huge amount can be deposited into our accounts,
even if the risk is worth all our assets. After all, you would be able
to cover the loss if the amount really gets deposited to you. With
experiences of people I have interviewed I could reach only one
conclusion, without a shadow of doubt they are scammers. In my opinion
scamming is not the right word to use here; fraud should be the right
word to use.

I will discuss a few experiences here to let you
people know how they cause you damage. The emails can come to you from
anywhere in the world, but mostly you see emails coming to you from
countries like Nigeria, Congo, Rwanda etc. though I have personally
received emails from UK as well. Obviously when I say where the email
is coming from I mean the physical location of the fraudster.

Let me tell you about my own experience. A lady emailed me saying that
her health was down and she was in the hospital counting her last days
due to cancer. She needed to transfer some money to a person who could
give half of the amount to charity in her name and keep the other half
to himself. She "only" contacted me because I was the only "reliable"
person to her. That's why I never had a clue as to who she was. I
replied to her saying, "I can help you out for your last days, but I am
not interested in the other half of the money. If you really want me to
give your money to charity I shall do so, but I don't want a even a
penny out of it." I asked her for proof. She emailed me back with her
lawyer's phone number and email address in UK. I called them but no one
answered. I checked them on the internet, and it was a registered law
firm, I emailed them regarding the thing and they confirmed that the
email I received was true and was no fraud.

After a few days I
automatically received some info regarding opening a bank account in
the UK and providing some initial balance to open the account. That
made me a bit uneasy and I never responded. Even though I was not
affected by this fraud as such, I knew people who were.

fraudsters have caused damage to people ranging between hundreds and
thousands of dollars. Many of the victims were not able to collect the
initial amount required for opening the bank account, and following
their greed took credit from their friends and families to fulfill the
requirement. What they got in return was a long wait for the good news
and finally hopelessness.

These frauds really target you
personally because they know your religion, your internet personality
and even your physical location. I have checked different samples of
those emails; they perfectly suit the target's mentality and one is
compelled to follow the text. Their names will appear perfectly
according to your society. I have always gotten emails with Muslim
names, my fellow brethren from other religions have gotten emails
according to their religion and social contacts, and thus it is easy to
fall in the trap.

I hope that after reading this, none of us
will fall prey to these specious emails anymore and will investigate
the matter first rather than committing to gain the offered advantage
at very early stages.

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