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MSN Nicknames

 article about msn nickname
MSN nicknames - from where do they come? Do people just want to have
cool msn nicknames? It is like asking where your real name came from,
or why your parent chose such a name for you. However, my part is only
to share the research I did find regarding why people keep such
interesting and odd nicknames on the MSN Messenger.

The first
thing I analyzed was freedom; everyone is free, so one may pick
whatever name they feel suits them. Second and more importantly,
invisibility plays a role in these nicknames. They allow people to have
the mental satisfaction of not talking to someone face to face; this
encourages people to use names that may be innapropriate, such as words
which should be read in reverse order to be understood as a swear word.

you find that nicknames are an excellent transformation of human
thoughts into words. This is demonstrated in the following. In the last
Cricket World cup, the final match was between India and Australia.
Australian batsman Ricky Ponting played beautifully in that match and
scored a century, not to mention beating the hell out of Indian
bowlers. That day, when the match finished, a friend of mine (Because
Pakistanis have special antagonismwith Indians) went into the Indian
chat room with the nickname: Ricky Ponting. That said it all.

is common to see people changing their nicknames on a regular basis;
this is because of special events that happen in one's life each day.
When one wants to share it with others, they make it their nickname.

people (like myself), promise themselves not to change their nicknames
for their whole lives. Maybe this is because their nickname is a
reminder of an important even, or maybe it is an indication of what one
wants his/her life to become.

It also happens that once in a
while, one gets too impressed with a movie or animation and picks a
character or movies name to communicate their like for that movie. As
an example, a student of mine who possesses an inferiority complex
about being ugly has chosen her nickname to be I love Addams Family.

is another reason; it leads people to express their welded feelings to
the attached. Things which are difficult to say by mouth can be said
using an MSN nickname, like, Sometimes words are hard to find and I am
looking for that perfect line to let you know that I love you."

people are very dedicated to their religion and like to express their
understanding of normally difficult to understand points like the
nickname "." I dont think that anyone, including you, may understand
what that dot means, but according to Muslim mythology this is what
this world is all about, and it is the responsibility of every Muslim
to find out its true meanings.

Special days like Christmas,
Holi, Eid, and Ashoura also impact the minds of chatters. They create
some nicknames that represents the atmosphere of that day, e.g. Merry
Christmas, Live Like Ali, Die Like Hussain.

Another interesting
situation is one in which one's creativity is expressed through words.
However, this time I am talking about technology, not words. My younger
brother himself created a great number of utilities which helped the
MSN users place some difficult-to-create nicknames, e.g. "Current
Time," which changes second by second. Other creative innovations
include a wavy nickname that gives effect of a water wave and a
sentence scrolling from left to right or vice versa. Such utilities are
called Nick Machines, though the developer may name them whatever they
want. A few of these utilities can be found on

conclusion, nicknames are the best form to express anything on your
mind. With nicknames, you are out of bounds, unleashed and free to say
whatever you want to. It gives you a sense of freedom and invisibility
that increase the courage in you to say whatever you want. This can be
thought of as a good tool to enhance confidence in anyone.

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