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Muslims Killing Muslims

 article about muslim killing
In order to write onto this matter, it was necessary for me to find a great deal of material and human resources, which to my excitement included a few personalities who really deserve to be awarded a degree in history. It also included people who do not belong to any particular sect. References were being made again and again from a book called, Ibn-Khaldoon History, a hefty seven volume book set.  On each page, it describes the killing of Muslims by Muslims.

Let's narrow our view to think only about the killings within Muslim countries.  In fact, to make it even more narrow, we will talk only about Pakistan. However, before going on with this discussion, I would like to clarify one point.  Allah (SWT) has said in his book that (this is a derivation) Muslims dont kill, unless allowed by Allahs ruling. Now, when we say "Muslims Killing Muslims," is it possible in our religion to have such scenario, a Muslim killing anyone?  Please make note that it wasnt said that Muslims dont kill other Muslims, the idea is that they dont bear such violent nature to even think about killing someone because they abide by Allahs saying and they fear Allah.
Considering the aforementioned points, we must now have a very clear view of what we are talking about: the major sects that have been fighting each other in the name of Islam.  They are:


o       To the amazement of many, this sect (it really is a sect) is named after a person: Haq Nawaz Jhangvi, who resided in Jhang, a city in Pakistan. He stood against Shia beliefs and was a broader DeoBund movement. It should be quite apparent to the men (and women, too) of understanding that it has been slightly over 50 years since Pakistans independence, so the organization under discussion cannot be more than 50 years, at the most.

o    In very clear words, I would like the mention that this organization has not been involved in any Jehadi activity.  Only the Jehad is to kill the Shia and earn a big bangalow in Eden's Garden.

o       This organization, in order to protect their advent, doesnt mind accusing the ahl-e-sunnah wal jamaat and other sunni beliefs for various other religious patterns that coincide with Shia theology.

o       Please refer to:

o       The LeJ was responsible for the Lahore Mominpura Cemetery massacre on January 11, 1998, in which 25 Shia Muslims were killed and 50 others injured. Most of the victims were women and children who had gathered for Qur'an-Khwani (Quranic recital) at the cemetery. Aziz Gujar, Haroon Mansoor, Riaz Basra and Akram Lahori were the main accused in this massacre. While the first two were arrested, Basra and Lahori evaded arrest. For more details about the formation of this group please refer to:


o       The parent organization of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, which then split into two, has also been involved in the aforementioned activities and is now not as active as Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

o       This sect was involved in the target killing of Several Shia and Sunni medical doctors.


o       Wahabis have also launched campaigns, not only against Shia, but against other Sunni.

The discussion seems to be going beyond the scope of the given topic, but I believe it was necessary for me to let you know about such facts.

Now, onto the real question: Why?  Can any one of you tell me why might a Muslim son kill his Muslim father?  The answers to this question can vary, but I think we must follow the theme.

I discontinued writing this article as I couldnt think of anything more, but then I thought of performing a question/answer session with various common people about the same question, and the most straight-forward of them said the same thing that I was trying to explain above.  These thoughts from a common Pakistani came to me as a real amazement, because none of the Ihl-e-Ilm raised these points.

Now, we will only focus on the things which are the cause of these issues. The first reason is a very natural phenomenon known as "jealousy," which can be of any kind. Pakistanis cant tolerate their mates achieving more success than them. E.g. A government officer can easily assassinate the person who is working at the same grade, but is more experienced.  This will lead to the less experienced officer getting a promotion, rather than his more experienced counterpart.

Second, we talk of sectarian violence.  However, Muslims cannot kill each other.  A Muslim heart just can't accept killing other Muslims, unless unleashed from the bounds of Almighty.  We should accept the fact that when ever we see assassination of Muslims, the attacking party can't be Muslim.  They are intruders surrogating Muslims. 

Third, some syndicates in Pakistan, which actually are not part of government, loudly disagree with some Islamic rulings, which according to them are not following the constitution of Pakistan properly. Those not obliging to their call are treated with hostile reaction, resulting sometimes in killings of seemingly innocent people.

Fourth, this problem is a combination of various problems, which include ill literacy, lesser knowledge, lack of favors, negative thinking, and last, but not the least, anything going against the leader of religious assembly. In some instances, the IMF (International Monetary Fund, for Pakistanis Another Ism-e-Mubarak for the Almighty) has passed certain rulings against Islam which are not tolerable by the people of Pakistan. Some of the Muslims might accept the stipulation, and then the people surrounding him for various reasons may kill him. This example, when enlarged, parallels another instance.  The leader of Ahl-e-Sunna stipulates that taking loans from the IMF grant is allowed in Islam, whereas the Ahl-e-Hadith denies that stipulation.  This also results in the accrual of cruelty between two sects, resulting in deaths.

Fifth, the Islamic education system in Pakistan has never been under the control of Pakistani government, but, for example, Israel or America.  Most of the so-called Islamic sects and organizations involved in this type of education are only creating militants, but they are creating bad Muslims.  The students being developed are narrow-minded, brainwashed, and incorrectly guided.  The last statement can be understood easily through this example.  When Hazrat Suleman (AS) died, Iblees (LA) manipulated his Knowledge of Power and transformed it into Black Magic (i.e. to infiltrate jeopardy between husband and wife). This is exactly how todays Islamic Institutions are manipulating Quran & Hadith to provide wrong information to the innocent students.

Sixth, the political parties in Pakistan sometimes cover up the sectarian violence that they initiate.  Sometime this is done in order to benefit the political party who causes the violence; other times it is done in order to blame damage on the opposing party(s), causing damage to their compaign. An example of this is as follows.  The Pakistan Muslim League may progress to violence between two famous sects in Pakistan and accuse the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal of not being able to stop such violence.  Therefore, the Pakistan Muslim League might conclude, the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal are of no use.  This naturally creates hatred in the hearts of leaders.

Seventh, the sense of theological protection, or in simple terms, sectarianism is also one of the main causes of violence between Muslims.  I won't go into details of this paradoxical ontology, but would only like to say that when we meet with each other, sects or no, we should first treat others as humans, then we should see them only in the context of reason for the meeting.  If we try to exploit each others religion, then someday, everyone will have a religion of ones own, because no mind accepts or understands everything about a religion.  People with different minds are grouped because of some similarities.  We should focus on the similarities, not on nuances which makes us different. That attitude causes the most ethical and social devastation amongst Muslims.  This results in annoyance with each other and even intolerance of the existence of other sects.

Eighth, Birthright enmity is also one of the major factors in rural areas of Pakistan.  In these areas, children, when born, are first read the long list of their enemies (which doesnt include Satan).  In these children's lives, rather than saying mother as their first word they say, I will kill them, Ill kill them all.  If we search for the roots such enmity, they are based on religious differences, but not because of a Feminine or Land dispute.

Ninth, India simply initiates violence by surrogating both the sides.  As a result of this, the different sects begin killing each other on their own.  This continues for a long time, and in the meantim, we forget that India is the cause of such violenc, because really, these sects are not fighting for any cause, but for carnage from each other. The Indian agents are Hindu and, by cast and duty both, they are willing to kill Muslims, even in their own country.

Tenth, I would like to recommend the book The Jewish Protocol, which is available for free on the Internet.  It describes in detail the concept of the Great Israel, its vision, mission, objectives and constitution. Because Muslims and Christians are their enemies, they think they are the enemies of Christians.  However, they have not been able to fully penetrate Muslims with their poison, so they are trying to create devastation between Muslims and themselves in hopes that one day, the Muslims will become so weak that it will be easy to hold them "in a folded palm," like they have done to the Christians. Why are they targeting Pakistan?  Simply because Pakistan is probably the only country which was created in the name of Islam.  The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is like a pin in their eyes that they have been trying to remove for a long time, but they just cannot. Last, if you can see the map of Great Israel, you will see that a few portions of Pakistan are part of it.

I would like to conclude this all by urging the Muslim Community of Pakistan, to remember that first, we are all human.  To the rest of the world: We, as Muslims, know that a Muslim can't kill another Muslim, even in sectarianism.  We cannot determine the effects of each other's deed, because we will not last as long as this world will.  Allah has created the judgment day to decide- let us not do so before the time comes.

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