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Wine: the worst hangover ever
Here I'm again, sitting in front of my keyboard, trying to fool myself and write something. I have my moments, with the right topic I find enlightenment and write fine pieces, but wine is not exactly one of my areas of expertise.

I won't try to be a connoisseur because I don't know anything about wine (or anything ... continue reading
Sex Sells Sex
Since we're on the middle of a world crisis, and counting the days for the fat man with the red suit to come, seems like selling or buying is the topic that fills our heads and empties our pockets and bank accounts.

But of course, no one wants to talk about something that can't be sold, like John McCain's sense of h... continue reading
Twittering: I'm not that interesting
Twitter has become the way of getting in touch with others for a lot of people, forget facebook, don’t even mind blackberry, twitter is the next best thing. You can read the news as they happen, or even before they do and of course read about Kim Khardashian’s ass pictures or an hourly update on Gov. Shwarzenegger sch... continue reading
Economics is like black magic for most of us and financial analysts seem to speak in foreign languages. Fortunately a known a rock star is putting light where dark gurus cast spells that blind even the average small investor.

Playboy's new gold mine Few months ago my girlfriend gave me Slash’s biography as a gift, a... continue reading
A love story in four wheels
This seems to be an easy topic to write about, but it’s harder that it looks, not because there’s nothing to write about, but too many things that deserve the time and effort to write about them.

Our editors called this the “Business Month” trying to tune the issues with the world’s reality and the economic crisis t... continue reading
A president to laugh with, not to laugh at
Even with the worst crisis in the modern history, one thing everybody should agree is that the last eight years have provided more humorous material than any other presidential administration.

The only two characters that made the new word NUCULAR famous are Homer Simpson and W. And Bart’s father learned to say “Ato... continue reading
Death of a country
Talking about death, we as writers tend to approach this topic associated with people or animals.

But I want to discuss the slow and painful process of destroying an economy, a country and its people by a government that promised change and progress but just brought a big spoon of the same shit, with different flie... continue reading
UFO and the ethernal fight between believers and non believers
Hi everyone, this is my first article on the magazine and I hope that you think my writing is up to the task. Now, moving forward to more interesting stuff than me I'm here to talk to you a little about my own experience with UFO's.
But before you hit "back" thinking that this is another story about abduction, an ext... continue reading


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