Twitter has become the way of getting in touch with others for a lot of people, forget facebook, don't even mind blackberry, twitter is the next best thing. You can read the news as they happen, or even before they do and of course read about Kim Khardashian's ass pictures or an hourly update on Gov. Shwarzenegger schedule.

God created the world on six days, the 7th he twitted
After finding out that half of E! News gossips are taken from there, and that people are actually dating and having long time relationships with anything but 140 characters messages I've decided to give it a try.

Due to boredom and general lazyness during my college years, I've learned a thing or two about computers and internet (Avoiding viruses in porn sites is a lesson learned) so I assumed this little web page shouldn't be a problem. However, nothing can be farther from the truth. This 140 character-a-time little bugger and the millions of people using it everyday have a language of their own, there's a million signs and characters that mean something specific and of course, the "chat rooms" refresh so fast that is hard to keep track.

If you are a celebrity, and you name appears on the right side of the page, then you’re a “trend”
If you are a celebrity, and you name appears on the right side of the page, then you're a "trend". People reading the things you say are called your "followers". If you have the time to write crap at all that is. And if you have the time to read crap... then you are "following". What happened with friends? What happened with indecent pictures of naked chicks on facebook? And most importantly, what happened with good investigative journalism?

You want to know what's happening in the world right now? Uhm, well... just "follow" Fox News (if you want to read the crazy right wing news about tea party traveling pants.. but that's a whole different topic) or @BarackObama. Everybody who's somebody in the world twits (of course there's a lot of nobodys like you and me that twit too) and every major news service has a lot of lab rats reading what Zac says.

Technology is frying my head
I've decided to see the issue from three different angles. So I signed up for it, downloaded the twitterberry app (just to say that I own a blackberry) and the iphone online twitter (on my girlfriend's ipod touch). Nothing good came out of it. I've discovered that Axl Rose (more likely someone posting as him) curses like a drunk sailor, Sebastian Bach runs 40 miles a day listening to Willie Nelson and that Jason Binn (I have no idea who the hell that is) was almost late to a Kim and Khloe photo shoot (great asses by the way).

The most important thing I’ve discovered though, is that I’m not that interesting
The most important thing I've discovered though, is that I'm not that interesting. Watched the white screen of my phone for minutes trying to figure out what to say to the world, and when finally came out with a line, didn't had anybody to read it. That exact same minute, a million people around the world (famous, infamous and not so famous) wrote something about their lives too. Who has the time to read all that?

Nice little bird
On one of his first twits @officialAxlRose, clueless as I was, asked what a small #fb at the end of some messages meant, seeing no response whatsoever I took the time to ask him if he finally found out, but he hasn't replied yet, so my wild guess is that he hasn't.

I'm twitting for a week now, have posted 29 twits, had 4 followers (2 of them were porn sites) and still can't find a clue about the freakin #fb thing.

If you want an update on my advances, follow me @iept1182, Cheers! (LOL)