Tom Nicholson
I am of the firm conviction that the concept of Political Correctness will be the undoing of mankind. It is by its' very nature an exercise in futility. You simply cannot please all of the people all of the time, and more to the point, why on earth would anyone want to?
Author articles
Circumnavigating an Insane Planet
Say what you will about traveling light, it is a sound theory, and one which I usually adhere to, but if you happen to be on an around the world journey, traveling lets say, from Perth on the West Coast of Australia to the United Kingdom up into northern Scotland, then flying across the Atlantic to Toronto and from the... continue reading
Five years on film
Critics would point out glaring discrepencies in the script. The continuity editor would be sacked, never to work again in the industry. Never mind that the actors too seem to be a bit wooden. When they speak their dialogue, it simply doesn't ring true. Indeed, if the real life events played out on the world stage post... continue reading
Superman in the movies

Since his first appearance in the comic books in 1938, our planet’s most amazing fictional illegal alien has managed to keep our rapt attention. Variously known as “The Man of Steel”, “The Man of Tomorrow” , “SUPERMAN” and “Clark Kent”, the fellow with the blue hair with the kiss-curl who gets about faster than a spe... continue reading
Prophets and Losses
Okay now. Enough is enough. I
am addressing all the Muslims out there. Well, maybe not ALL the
Muslims, perhaps just the really naughty and incorrigible Muslims.
Yeah. You know who you are. Those of you that have the belief that you
can make a change for good through violence.
Those of you who believe
that blood... continue reading
The Oz Journals Entry 8 - Winters of Discontent
It is the beginning of the season the locals refer to as “winter” here in Perth. And yet the coldest day I have so far experienced could quite easily beat out an overcast mid-summer day back in Toronto — if you had to decide which one was a better day. The swimming pool in the back of our complex, although heated, has... continue reading
Oz Journals Entry Number Seven - Bali High
When I was last in an airport my baggage was overweight by maybe half a kilo. I am the type of traveler who rarely packs my bags no earlier than ten minutes before the taxi is due to arrive and whisk me to the airport. On that occasion, they overlooked my extra weight and told me to pack more carefully in future. On on... continue reading
The Oz Journals VI
You'd catch 'em surfin' at Del MarVentura County lineSanta Cruz and TrestlesAustralia's NarrabeenAll over ManhattanAnd down Doheny WayEverybody's gone surfin'Surfin' U.S.A. Perth is a very automobile oriented culture, much like I imagine Los Angeles and its surrounding suburbs to be, albeit without the chronic smog pr... continue reading
The Oz Journals V
“You can smell it in the air. They’re burning the dry brush away.” The old man exclaimed as he trudged down the sandy path toward me. We met in the middle as I walked away from the beach and he toward it. "Beg your pardon?" I said."See! They light the fires in hopes an easterly wind will blow all the smoke out to sea... continue reading
The Oz Journals - Entry Four
One thing I have noticed about living here in the land Down Under is
the laid-back lifestyle of the residents. Take footwear, for instance.
Shoes basically aren't worn a great deal of the time, if they're worn
at all. People go grocery shopping barefoot and even pump gas barefoot.
In many restaurants, they allow ba... continue reading
The Oz Journals - Entry Three
Well I have been here a little over a month and it still amazes me. I
saw a cockroach today as I was walking into the lobby of our building
that was just slightly smaller than your average compact Japanese
imported car. This was not a first for me, as I had come across one
before that was the size of a Volvo statio... continue reading
The Oz Journals - Entry Two
“Oh the world of Oz is a very funny place where everyone has a funny
funny face and the streets are paved and golden, and no one ever grows
old, in that funny land lives the Wizard of Oz.” – the theme song from
an abysmal animated 1960s television series. In the most popular volume
of the series of the Oz children’... continue reading
Oz Journals I - My New Home
I am still waking up at about four in the morning, as if an internal
alarm clock has been set for that hour to jar me into consciousness. I
silently slip out from under the bedsheets, so as not to disturb my
wife, and I walk to the other end of the apartment and go out onto our
balcony and gaze off into the distanc... continue reading
The Once And Future King
A very long time ago, in the year 1933, a motion picture was made in
Hollywoodland in California. The film told the bittersweet story of the
impossible love that developed between two strangers who met by
accident on a distant tropical island, and then get reacquainted in
Manhattan, another island where dreams come... continue reading

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