Okay now. Enough is enough. I
am addressing all the Muslims out there. Well, maybe not ALL the
Muslims, perhaps just the really naughty and incorrigible Muslims.
Yeah. You know who you are. Those of you that have the belief that you
can make a change for good through violence.

Those of you who believe
that blood has to run in the streets of every infidel city on the
planet now, because a cartoonist has had the temerity to depict your
prophet … wait a minute; I'd better not say his name… I know, let's
call him "Melvin", just for the sake of argument. Well some ill-advised
cartoonist has depicted "Melvin" in a supposedly unfavorable light.
Heaven forbid! How dare he do such a thing? Does he not fear the wrath
of tens of millions of indignant, vengeful Muslims? Had he not heard of
the fatwa issued against Salman Rushdie? Perhaps he is foolish enough
to believe that his life is not now threatened?

is a possibility: Maybe he IS aware of all of this. Maybe he just
doesn't give a hoot. Maybe he is, like me, fed up to the eyeteeth of
you backward thinking lunatics and your schoolyard bully mentality.
Maybe he is, like me, sick to death (yes, it probably will end that
way) of all you people complaining about this and condemning that and
blowing up or burning down the other. Have any of you geniuses ever
thought of that? Oh that's right, I almost forgot. Not many of you lot
are big on the thinking thing.

maybe it's time you started using the old noggin for more than plotting
mayhem and carnage. Maybe you people should realize (think real hard
now) that there is a whole planet out there, full of people still not
quite ready to shut their brains off and surrender to your particular
brand of stupidity just yet. People who think (yes actually think)
differently than you do. People who do not see every little gesture of
individuality and creativity as a threat to their personal way of life.
This planet is full of different people, and it is their RIGHT to
express themselves artistically and verbally and musically however they
see fit. Here is another newsflash for you imbeciles: If you don't like
it, then don't look at it. Take a little time to let that one sink in,
okay, because I know this is difficult right now. It was a cartoon.
Simple lines on paper. You people have got to lighten up because if you
keep this up, that is, killing everyone you believe has offended you,
pretty soon you're going to run out of people to kill.

And then you will all truly be at a loss, won't you?