Sal Amato
I Only Look Like Ron Jeremy From The Waist Down.
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Reality Strippping
I'm surrounded by naked women 4 times a week and I'm miserable. Now some people might say "dude, I wish I had your problem"... NO YOU DON'T.

Aside from being an actor, writer and part-time X-Box Madden 2004 football player (Kansas City Chiefs) I'm an "entertainment director" for a strip club in the Chicago area.
[... continue reading
Ebonics replaced with "Thuganese"
Back in da day I was a club jock. I was spinnin' disco, R&B and funk long without having my ass hang out of my pants. I started in '78 and still do to some degree. My music tastes are wide and varied. I don't poo-poo pop music because if you remember The Stones, Zeppelin and others were all pop at one time before they ... continue reading
Hi, This Is Marianne! Today's Your Lucky Day!
For those of you who live outside of the USA, we have a system [that has been mandated by the Government] to stop pesky telemarketers from calling us. It's like a national opt-out program also known as the THE DO NOT CALL LIST. This system stores phone numbers in it that TELEMARKETERS are not allowed to call because th... continue reading
New Orleans: People Helping People, Just Don't Tell Anyone
What happened in New Orleans, Mississippi and Alabama after Hurricane Katrina went through was unimaginable. Millions of people were affected and the rest of the Country must endure. A natural disaster on a scope never seen before in the USA hit like a ton of bricks. So now, where are we? We're in the middle of prepari... continue reading
How To Cure A Terrorist
I can’t help but notice that most of the killing of Iraqi police officers and civilians is being done by MUSLIMS. Whether you want to admit it or not, fundamentalist lunatics who wish to maintain their slave driver positions in their society are killing their children, making widows and widowers. and creating the exact... continue reading
Things That Make Ya Go WTF?
The judicial process in the USA is starting to resemble a freak show. Bars and restaurants get sued for people who cant behave properly within the establishments. You can sue a person for looking at you funny, you can sue someone for putting cream in your coffee. You can sue a town for not letting you put on a Heterose... continue reading
Fear of Flying
In the last few weeks I've seen more and more airplanes have
"issues". Airplanes seem to be going down more often now than Traci
Lords ever did. We see engines falling off, birds getting caught in
engines, landing gear not working properly, pilots landing at the wrong
airports, pilots landing in buildings, pilots... continue reading
Not Sure Who to Vote for in This Election? Educate Yourself!
Well, the election is almost here. I like being in the middle so I can see which way the bullshit is coming at me. Like most Americans, I have many issues with both candidates. In this Country, advertisements put together by slicksters (at least that's what they used to be called) and news organizations distribute prop... continue reading
Summer's Here In The USA!
One of the things I enjoy most about writing for this mag is that I can
write about whatever I want. In between watching Schoolhouse Rock on
DVD, I receive random thoughts and write them down for you to read. Some
people enjoy them and some don't. I get emails from people who have
wide opinions of me - and I have m... continue reading

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