What happened in New Orleans, Mississippi and Alabama after Hurricane Katrina went through was unimaginable. Millions of people were affected and the rest of the Country must endure. A natural disaster on a scope never seen before in the USA hit like a ton of bricks. So now, where are we? We're in the middle of preparing for an election in '06 and '08. How do we do that? By blaming someone, some group for why there was so much devastation. UNBELIEVABLE!

The lack of leadership in New Orleans has proved that from the Mayor, to "The Guv" (an ego ridden woman who was more concerned with reminding the media that only The Governor can sign off on forcible removal of people from their homes), probably weren't the best leaders for a situation like this. In fact, they probably would've had a problem getting two children to settle an argument over who's turn it was to play with the Lincoln Logs. This is not something a rational person can debate.

Not being a Republican and not being a Dumocrat means you can sit in the middle and throw stones at both sides for being stupid. Much of the stupidity comes in the small mindedness of some of our citizens who latch onto these lunatics' rants. The rest comes from those who think that not much of anything could've been done to save a city that was already doomed. But since the lunatic left has opened the door in this "blame game", let's take a walk through it, shall we? (I wish the right wing whackos would say something stupid so I could write about it). Maybe next week?

While there are many issues I have with right wing fanatics, and some of Bush's policies, this won't be one of them. If anything, the President should've told these bumbling Clouseauesque clowns that the Feds were taking over whether "The Guv" and Mayor Egghead liked it or not. By the time the local pols begged for help it was AFTER the damage. But that would've been perceived as Big Brother overstepping it's bounds and borderline legal, granted it might have saved thousands of lives. Amazing isn't it? Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Reading all the spin, stupidity and hatred for why things didn't work right by what appears to be those who actually DIDN'T DO THEIR JOBS is repulsive. It's the ultimate scapegoat game. We just got hit with the worst storm to ever hit this country. IT'S A NATURAL DISASTER, THINGS HAPPEN. CHAOS BREAKS OUT and HOW THE LOCAL LEADERSHIP REACTS IS WHAT COUNTS. How PEOPLE react under times of great stress is not predictable. Unfortunately, leadership that gives itself big pay raises in the middle of the night, leadership that makes civil service employees wait years for contracts and raises, leadership that sends out men and women to fight fires and crime, leadership that fails it's citizens by not expecting much of them, leadership that doles out crumbs to their PEASANTS who continue to elect them KING, was not qualified to lead ants into an ant hill. Then, to cover their ineptness, they drew attention to it all by attacking a President who has many faults. In this case, he wasn't one of them. It appears now that the only thing New Orleans dodged was ADEQUATE LEADERSHIP.

Taking a page from Nancy Pelosi's, Harry Reid's and other loonie's handbook, I'll colorfully adjectivialize (is that even a word?) those racists, bigots and incompetent people who dropped the ball, created a new level of divide between the races, and did it all from cushy offices and hotels rather than the scene of disaster so they can look good to their constituents come next election.

Mayor Egghead, who chose not to LEAD. He chose not to follow New Orleans' EVAC plan. He maybe a nice guy and all, but he had a DUTY to follow protocol as so laid out by the EVAC plan that taxpayers paid millions of dollars for. If a few days notice about a storm isn't enough for them to implement their OWN plans in advance then they need to step down. They're not qualified. While leaders may have been afraid of the price to move and follow their own plan, look at the cost now. While the destruction may not have been avoidable, the indecisive leadership (and lack of) was. And now, after all this, an astronomical amount of people were put at risk because that elected leadership which had specific DUTIES to their citizens didn't follow their own rules. For whatever reasons, they dropped the ball, they panicked, they were not prepared. It's no fault of mine, yours, the Federal Government's, lack of money, lack of troops or lack of Klingon ships ready to rescue them, it was their LEADERSHIP in control that deteriorated and led to a major disaster in such a short period of time. It was also unforeseen circumstances, but then that was why their was a plan to EVACUATE days before a storm caught them with their pants down.

Now I'm not claiming that anyone, or I, would've acted any differently than they did in Louisiana. What I am claiming is that the last thing I would've done would be blaming someone for it all. I would've been more concerned with helping people, NO MATTER WHAT COLOR THEY WERE and that's the spirit of this country. That's the positive thing that happens in catastrophes and it happens in cities everyday. There's so much good that happens and all we ever hear or see is the bad. It's like the cup is forever HALF EMPTY. That's not true, that's not reality but that's what people's pockets who are in control of how we form our opinions, how we look at things and how we react.

People help people before the cavalry can get there because they're in the middle of it. It's nice to know that we have leaders who can come along and remind us how much we're supposed to hate each other, so they have a platform from which to dole their mind-numbing scenarios to raise monies for them to live nice comfy lives. Sad isn't it?

While Mayor Egghead and "The Guv" were screaming and yelling and blaming everything and everyone but aliens (not to mention the storm) for what happened, the Red Cross was sitting there with their thumbs up their butts because "The Guv" didn't want to create a "magnet" at the Superdome. She made a decision based on what she thought was right. In hindsight, it was wrong. Now I would've been fine to not attach any blame because it was a decision she made and hindsight can solve any problem. However we live in real time, we can't time-shift our lives. I would've been fine to say, let's give, let's help and rack it up to a NATURAL DISASTER unlike any we'd ever seen. But then the loonies came out of the woodwork as they started to play the "George Bush Hates Black People", "This Country Is Set Up To Keep The Black Man Down" and "Whitey Sucks" mode to cover up their mistakes. I'm offended, it's not true, it's a lie and someone has to finally tell these people to SHUT UP. Stop playing games so you can raise money to live a better life than the people you supposedly speak for.

Those people that lost their lives and who are displaced were not JESSIE'S people, they were not AL SHARPTON'S people, they were not some separate entity or species in this Country. Those people that died weren't AFRICAN AMERICANS or IRISH AMERICANS or GERMAN AMERICANS or FRENCH AMERICANS or ITALIAN AMERICANS, THEY WERE PEOPLE. PERIOD and they were ALL sold a bill of goods by their leaders who failed miserably. Perhaps because the storm was just so overwhelming? Fine, then stop the race-baiting, stop the blaming. But if we're going down that road ,then look at local leadership and take it from there. What seems to be happening here is that politicians, race-baiters, bigots and racists seem almost petrified at the thought of us living in a color-blind society. The very society they tell us they believe possible can never exist with them in it because they'd be out of a job. All they see is color and it ain't theirs, it's GREEN.

I hate to look at color as an issue because it's not the way I live my life. It's not the way most of the people in my circle of relationships live their lives. But thanks to faux Reverends and psychotic billionaires, millionaires and thuganese rappers, we're confronted with it day in and day out so they can keep on making the money they make from it. In this case WHITE people have been demonised and attacked by loudmouth, race-baiting BLACK politicians and WHITE POLITICIANS, who think they'll be accepted by "deeper thinking" people, and freak socialist intellectuals, by constantly spewing hatred for their own color. This is what keeps everyone at each other's throats. It's not healthy and it does nothing to solve problems. We saw PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE in New Orleans. We didn't see politicians of a party, we saw people. We didn't see color as people helped each other, we saw people.

While they were working to help each other Jessie, Al and other racists came on TV (nowhere near New Orleans) to remind us of the way things aren't. They don't do it for the good of "THEIR PEOPLE". They do it for the good of their TAX EXEMPT status, they do it for the GOOD of their CAREERS as antagonizers who fill the heads of people they've exploited with wild conspiracies that prompt idiots like Kanye West to blurt out incoherent statements based on misinformation received by racists.

Having an opinion on this matter is fine, but if you're not educated in FACTS then it's fantasy, and when the media wishes to get us to see things the way they want us too, even if it lacks something small like FACTS, we wind up with a bunch of idiots going off half cocked. How many times do we need to catch the media with a porn magazine in a toilet stall with their pants down to understand this? After doing research, understanding people's agendas and applying common sense the following appear to be fact:

NOTE: Keeping in the spirit of the race baiting, low life creatures (black and white) who make a great living, and in most cases are MILLIONAIRES playing the WHITEY GOT EVERYTHING game, we'll keep the focus NEGATIVE seeing as though they never once see any GOOD coming out of things.

1) The "Me Me Me, I'm The Governor" of Louisiana is unqualified. She cracked under pressure. She failed her people. She didn't do her job in a time of crisis. Her programs created a group of people who depended on her leadership and when the time came, she showed she's not a leader. She can't make the right decisions and when that became apparent she blamed everyone else. Look in the mirror lady.

2) The babbling, unintelligible "Mayor" of New Orleans WAITED to make decisions rather than go on autopilot as was his DUTY to do so. A LEADER makes decisions that aren't popular, evacuating the permanent underclass of people that those leaders very policies have created wasn't ELECTIVE for the LEADERSHIP to follow, it was MANDATORY. And yet… they didn't LEAD. Maybe they thought they were doing the right thing. I'd have no problems with that thought if they weren't out there assigning blame elsewhere. That's what caused me to write this piece.

The aforementioned as well as other RICH people [whose wealth has been built by creating racial divides rather than eliminating them] with ties to CRIMINALS were blaming George Bush, Dick Cheney, The War In Iraq, Global Warming and everything else they want to blame America and WHITEY for. (As if European and Asian governments operate so ethically and honestly) I'm not a self-hating asshole but it seems that there's lots of profit in it for those who want to become rich.

Isn't this a horrendous series of events? I never even once thought about blaming anyone for this until WHITEY was one of the reasons why so many people died. In the words of a great leader, I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it. I'd like to say to the racists, the genetically dysfunctional BILLIONAIRES who wish to keep us divided and their political friends, SHUT THE F^%* UP! You do so much damage everyday that it's disgusting. You're bottom-feeding trash taking advantage of people who don't know much or know much better because you keep them in the dark so you can live the life you've built for yourself. You're like a bunch of racist, ignorant Mr. Haneys running around collecting money for products that don't work.

What it all boils down to is this:

WE HAVE TO COUNT ON EACH FAR MORE THAN WE REALIZE. Relationships with our neighbours, with our community can do far more in the beginning hours of a crisis than a massive bureaucracy can, that's common sense and there doesn't seem too much of it happening. When it comes down to someone saving my life or me saving their life I don't care if they're black, white, red or brown. Being decent knows no color. Being respectful of one another is easy until LEADERS put in a DIVIDE for their own selfish reasons.

There seems to be too much thinking going on. It's like they sit around, smoke a bunch of dope and ponder the meaning of it all. Thinking is great, inaction isn't. Maybe we can stop over-thinking and start doing things right from here on out.

To show my understanding, acceptance and celebration of multi-cultural awareness, I close with....

To all my peeps, Peace Out, Word,
To all my other folks, God Bless,
To Muslims, Allah Be Praised
To those from other worlds, Nanu Nanu (I hope I pronounced that properly for you)
To the rest of y'all, Y'all come back now ya hear

You Ring, I Bring