Stephen Irving
Hi, I\'m Stephen. I\'m a student studying Philosophy at the University of Durham (UK). I write about music mainly, although I hope to begin to write a little more about politics and human rights. \"The Cheers\" is currently the only publication I write for, although I hope to begin writing for student magazines shortly and then, well who knows?
Author articles
Ferdinand Savour Victory
Now in its 13th year the Mercury Music prize celebrates the best of the
years music from across the UK and Eire. Since 1997, the Mercury Music
Prize has been the UK's number one arts prize in terms of media
coverage. A sort of credible Brits in a way, largely distancing itself
from manufactured pop glamour seen in ... continue reading
Monthly Music
Smooth, delicate and very poppy, The Delays are the latest in a line of
British bands, including Franz Ferdinand and Keane, hoping to bring
rock back to the forefront of the UK music scene. Their debut album,
Faded Seaside Glamour is truly one of the unexpected dbut albums this

Filled with sugar-laden hoo... continue reading
Dysthymia, Depression and Epilepsy
Dysthymic disorder is a chronic form of depression. Although it can be milder than other types of depression, including manic-depressive disorder, it is still a serious mental illness. This is an account of my experience with this illness, after being diagnosed with a form of epilepsy, and before I sought treatment for... continue reading
Introducing ID Cards
"Big Brother is Watching You," wrote George Orwell in the classic "1984."However with the introduction or continued use of compulsory Identity Cards throughout his world, the days of a Police State and dictatorship are already here. In November 2003, the British Home Secretary, David Blunkett, announced the ... continue reading
George W. Bush - I'm Glad He's Not My President
I have made good judgments in the past. I have made good judgments in the future.The vast majority of our imports come from outside our country.I stand by all the misstatements that Ive made.It isnt pollution thats harming the environment. Its the impurities in the air and water thats doing it.For NASA, space is still ... continue reading
R.E.M: Their Life and How They Lived It
They crawled out of the southern United States twenty-four years ago,
three men and their mumbling lead singer. Later hailed as
Anti-Reaginites and THE voice of their troubled generation, they were
really just a rock and roll band. This is the story of R.E.M, their
life, and how they lived it.All four members- Bill... continue reading
Monthly Music
The Smiths, Supergrass, The Jam and The Ordinary Boys. Bands that all
have one thing in common, their typical Englishness. I use the term
English deliberately (and hope not to get lynched) as all these bands
have their own sound with no great Celtic influences creating a
stripped down and distinctively English soun... continue reading
Our Father Who Art In Our Mind
St. Paul, Joan of Arc, and Ellen White of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, are three of the many religious figures and prophets who have claimed to have seen demons, angels or heard the voice of God. However, are these reported sightings reliable or were they simply all in their head after the person suffered an epile... continue reading
Solvent Abuse Deadlier than Ecstasy
Imagine a drug that can, potentially, be as dangerous as heroin and cocaine. Imagine that drug being legal. Now imagine that 10% of 14 to 18 year olds are, or have, misused this drug and that one-person dies every week in the United Kingdom alone due to the effects of abusing this drug. These are not street drugs, the... continue reading
The Attempted Empowerment of Women in Kenya
With the spread of feminism across much of the economically developed world during the 20th century, females across these nations embrace freedom and new opportunities. On the contrary, women and girls in nations that are still developing economically still suffer under a patriarchal society.   Indeed, a d... continue reading
Monthly Music - Today's Music
Imagine a band with passion, charisma, and emotive vocals that easily
outmatch those of Starsailor. Sound good? Imagine no more, because we
have finally found that band: Keane. British rock trio Keane have been
voted the most promising new music act by a panel of UK music critics,
DJs, and playlisters in BBC News O... continue reading

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