Imagine a band with passion, charisma, and emotive vocals that easily
outmatch those of Starsailor. Sound good? Imagine no more, because we
have finally found that band: Keane. British rock trio Keane have been
voted the most promising new music act by a panel of UK music critics,
DJs, and playlisters in BBC News Online's Sound of 2004 survey.

in Battle, East Sussex, Keane are taking the UK music scene by storm.
Despite following on from other British bands including Travis and
Coldplay, Keane still seem to have a unique style of their own with
their piano driven vocals and a noticeable lack of guitar sound.
Playing pop songs but with depth and emotion, Keane formed in 1998,
initially playing Beatles and U2 covers and seemingly going nowhere...
until their luck changed, in 2001, when their guitarist left the band.
Whilst most bands do not have the courage to go against the norm and
play without a guitarist, Keane refused to split up. Instead, they
turned to the piano, an instrument that is capable of producing a
melodic and huge sound, to be their primary instrument.

sell out tours and support slots with Travis approaching (not to
mention their album release), these coming months should be very
eventful for the trio.

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