The Smiths, Supergrass, The Jam and The Ordinary Boys. Bands that all
have one thing in common, their typical Englishness. I use the term
English deliberately (and hope not to get lynched) as all these bands
have their own sound with no great Celtic influences creating a
stripped down and distinctively English sound. The Ordinary Boys are
the latest in this line. Bold, fresh, young and exciting, they are just
what the British music press are looking for. From NME to Q, X Ray to
The Times, all have been hailing the virtues of this quartet.

Morrissey-like vocals (and coincidentally a Morrisey like name named
after a track by the Moz man himself) and loud pumping guitars, their
debut single Maybe Someday, exploded onto the scene during February and
has still left the music world spinning. Their heartfelt lyrics of
lethargy and desperation have struck a chord with the British youth
looking for a replacement for the (sadly dead) Brit Pop plagued
nineties and those fed-up with this American garage rock dominated

With releases on the way and full support from a
number of A-list international music magazines, The Ordinary Boys might
just could make it big someday and be laughing from the sidelines, just
less of the Ordinary lads.