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Public Art Squad: The Power of Today´s Messengers
The Sun Maker Feature News Report

Is human a stranger to his own existence? Is there a place for the essence of our nature in this world? What role does art play in modern hard hitting economies and corporate democracies? Is this society, run by consumerism, in danger of loosing its greatest value?

Samuel Beckett... continue reading
Top 7 Expensive Bordellos. Prostitution: Shakedown, Tier Down, and Priced Out
1. The Black Out
Price per night: Unknown.
Overall profit of the Black Out: Billions can not be assessed as it trades in the Black Market.
Location: Somewhere in the Manila Philippines. (Can also be found around the world as Tier 2)
How to get there: Take a plane and ask around for the Invisible Man.

Accord... continue reading
Six Weird Historic Events worth thinking about
1 New water for New York City (1905)

It was 1905, New York City had more than 5,000,000 inhabitants and its population continued to grow annually by 150,000. The great Apple was taking its shape. Foreign and visitors started their voyage to the great city. But rain was scarce, and the diminishing water of the de... continue reading
Homelessness in the Cities: Economic Crisis Aftermatch
According to UN estimates, more than 100 million people are homeless. Dr. Wally N'Dow, Secretary General of Habitat II said that the majority of Homeless are woman and dependent children. However, in Buenos Aires, the Interparroquial mutual aid service, states, that the new homeless profile has changed since the 1990s.... continue reading
Top 9 Weirdest Natural Disasters
It seems people just do not understand climate change. Some have no respect whatsoever for nature, others are so narrow minded they believe that the powers of nature are a hoax to promote green policies. In dedication to them here are the top 9 most weird natural disasters. If they did not believe in the devastating po... continue reading
13 Weird Ad Campaigns
Ads campaigns are everywhere. An ordinary person is exposed to billions of ads in their life time. There is no knowing how this can influence the human psychology. In a fierce world where advertisers compete for the consumers attention, weird campaigns are those that are outside the ordinary system.

1: What's up D... continue reading
Top 10 World's Weirdest Toilets
Toilets are everywhere. But why is that most toilets look the same? It seems originality regarding toilet design is a taboo. Toilets on which we sit on every day, have a history. Who made what? Who made you? Or who made the bathroom? In this article, all of this is irrelevant. Here are the weirdest looking toilets. W... continue reading
The Invaluable Culture of Asia: The Many Names of Burma
Ethnic minorities make up approximately 35-40% of the country�s population, maybe more. They include Burmese people, and people of Chinese and Indian ethnicity, who comprise an estimated 3% and 2% of the population respectively. However, according to the information provided by their government, there are at least 13... continue reading
Burma 2010: The Economic Shakedown and the Backstage of the Theatre of War
The Sun Maker Special News Feature: Written by The Sun Maker and Michael John Chahine

The Global Fund will return to Burma with a two-year US $110 million grant to fight three diseases: HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

The Defacto rate is referred to as the difference that occurs when changing currencies withi... continue reading
Israel and Palestine: The World compelled to Listen
The Sun Maker News Diamond Opinion and Frontline Report

Notorious, infamous, spoken over, unclear, uncertain, of great of distance and flooded with emotions. As the Israeli–Palestinian conflict has become more and more difficult to report it has reshaped itself into an international enigma. The World is compelled to... continue reading
Kingdom of Thailand: The Soul of the Silent Tree
They say it is a myth that in life, happiness can be found by writing a book, and planting a tree. They say politics is the expression of the people. They say innocence is lost in childhood. They say green is not blue, and that the oceans are red. They say hope is not a valuable commodity worth having in modern society... continue reading

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