1. The Black Out

Price per night: Unknown.
Overall profit of the Black Out: Billions can not be assessed as it trades in the Black Market.
Location: Somewhere in the Manila Philippines. (Can also be found around the world as Tier 2)
How to get there: Take a plane and ask around for the Invisible Man.

According to a report of the Washington DC-based US Department of State, The Philippines is one of 58 countries on the United States' "Tier 2" human trafficking watch list.

The number of victims of severe forms of trafficking is very significant, or is significantly increasing," said the State Department. Tier 2 countries are considered destination and transit countries for men, women, and children who are subjected to trafficking, especially forced prostitution and labor.

Tier 2 countries listed are Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Mozambique, Algeria, Lebanon, Yemen, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Niger, Tunisia, Guatemala, Panama, Venezuela, China, and Russia, among others.

2. Blind Fold-Shake Down 33

Price per night: Lets put it this way, you can pay to get in, but you will never get out.
Overall Profit: Human traffickers made over $32 billion a year from the illegal trade. (US State Department Report)
Location: Blind Fold has franchises in different countries. Find them in Burma, Congo, Mauritania, Sudan, Zimbabwe, and the Dominican Republic.
How to get there: Travel to any of these countries and ask for the Invisible Man.
The State Department listed 13 countries under "Tier 3". Also known as governments who are not making any efforts to comply with TVPA standards.

Tier 3 countries are: Burma, Cuba, Congo, Iran, North Korea, Kuwait, Eritrea, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Papua New Guinea, and the Dominican Republic.

The 2010 Trafficking in Persons Report stated that more than 12.3 million people around the world were engaged in forced and bonded labor, as well as prostitution. Information came from the agency's Bureau of Public Affairs. 56% percent of these victims are women and girls.

3.Crack Down: The Moving Ends Now

Location: Around the World
Price Per Night: You would not want to know.
Since 2008 there has been a 59% increase of figures in Human Trafficking. Human Trafficking is directly linked to prostitution. According to the State Department There were at least 49,105 victims of human trafficking all over the world.

The same report states that 3 victims of human trafficking every 1000 people in Asia and the Pacific. At least 104 countries without laws or regulations aimed at preventing the deportation of victims of human trafficking.

The State Department also quoted US President Barack Obama as saying "the victims of modern slavery have many faces. They are men and women, adults and children. Yet, all are denied basic human dignity and freedom."

4. The Dragon

Price: A Nightmare. Can not be negotiated.
Location: China and moving out fast.
Resources: Unlimited.
How to get there: Go near any border of China and just call out from there. You will soon get a response.

"Poor women from rural areas of China were being trafficked either for forced marriage or prostitution in different parts of the country, as also in Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa," said Chen Shiqu, Director of the Anti-Human Trafficking Office, in the China Daily.

Malaysian Police gave statistics to the Director. a total of 5,453 Chinese women suspected of engaging in prostitution were detained by the end of November last year. Chinese police has cracked 9,165 trafficking cases and rescued 17,746 women since April 2009. The fight continues.

5. Impunity Over

Location: 62 Countries
Price per Night: Your life, no Credit.
Sixty-two countries have yet to convict a single human trafficker.

6. Imagine Refuge

Location: Undisclosed
Price per night: Free for Victims
"All too often suffering from horrible physical and sexual abuse, it is hard for (human trafficking victims) to imagine that there might be a place of refuge," Obama added. Imagine refuge.


Location: Around the World
Price: Billions of lives
Details: AIDS is today a pandemic. This means it is a disease that is spreading through human populations of all continents. Today, in the year 2010, more than 40 million people suffer from AIDS. In Preventing HIV infections amongst those involved in the sex trade has been proven to be an instrumental part of many countries' fight against AIDS. High rates of HIV have been found amongst individuals who sell sex in many different and diverse countries.