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Notorious, infamous, spoken over, unclear, uncertain, of great of distance and flooded with emotions. As the Israeli–Palestinian conflict has become more and more difficult to report it has reshaped itself into an international enigma. The World is compelled to listen and compelled to unravel its mystery. For those who are not experts, to dissect this historical history, which has more of real life than what those who watch conflicts on television would like it to have, is a challenge.

The Electronic Intifada, published a press release from the UA Health for Human Rights, dated 30 of March, 2010. It reads online; "A joint group of more than 50 Jewish, Christian, Muslim and agnostic medical and health advocates of the Tucson and surrounding region, following student initiative, are calling on the University of Arizona to divest from corporations benefiting from the global health and humanitarian crisis in Palestine caused by Israel's military occupation, supported by the United States."

Truth is the first casualty of War, as we all know.
Two strong nations are at the centre of the story, its people endure. However Public Relations, are always pressing the international writers, for involvement, side siding, and opinion. Two strong people, which have struck in some way a core in modern Mankind with occasional notes of deep respect yet profound fear.In the distance violence is still violence. In the distance, death is still death and suffering is still suffering. In the distance red is still red and the sky is still the sky. From the distance the terror and pain has sicken us all.

In recent weeks the Arizona Daily Wildcat, exposed the business relationship between companies Motorola, Caterpillar and the University of Arizona, prompting the numerous health advocates to act. UA President Robert Shelton, for several months, refuses to seriously address the issue thereby dismissing students' concerns and those of the broader Tucson human rights community.

Truth is the first casualty of War, as we all know. These words are thrown at us daily. They come in company of words like Occupation, Camps, Housing and Buildings, Border and Limits, Historical Rights, Elections, Terrorism and Intelligence Laser Guided Missiles, that do sometimes fail inaccurate and Terrorise us just the same. From the distance it is Israeli–Palestinian conflict that invades our life. It is from the distance unclear, It is cutting distances electronic and digital.

Since August of last year, students in University Community for Human Rights (UCHR), the group leading the campus call for divestment, have requested meetings with President Shelton; to date he has not granted their requests nor answered alternative requests for him to send representation on his behalf to meet with students about the issue.

The greatest risk is non involvement, and it is not a danger for democracy for the general public to take part of the debate. The Red Cross is the Crescent Moon, and yes, it is all human nature. Or is it? Is it not Corporations? And who are the stock holders, the general public, parts interested or parties? Not for chance, nor for the blood will all the people follow. So we put in a pair of eyes, and ears, post on the wacth tower the scribes, and as our personal time keeper keeps clicking our life away, he said; "It is not peace we want, it is peace for others, and mostly the cynical money trail of housing should not prevail." As if responding for most of us which in the distance have no time to stop and think. Or for those who do stop and think, but have no faith, nor strength, or will to do something about it.

According to the Electronic Intifada The Arizona University starts at home, as a someone said; "Think Globally, but act locally". The press release reads, "Following through with an open letter released on Friday [26 March], 52 signers ranging from local physicians, medical professors, public health professionals, students and humanitarian aid workers have demanded an end to these contracts and relationships which violate University of Arizona's own Policy on Corporate Relations and which contradict the UA's overall mission, particularly that of its College of Medicine."

The Lineup again comes into the international attention, and it broadens. Passionate speakers, distant activists, all search for peace, stability, and freedom. Meanwhile following the 2005 call by a consensus of more than 170 Palestinian civil society organizations for initiatives of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with international law. On Tuesday, 30 March 2010, Palestinian civil society is calling on people of conscience throughout the world for a Global BDS Day of Action.

Getting down to brass and taxes, death and human values excluded, it is once again certain interests and corporations who continue to profit in times of conflict. However, as Paul Samuelson (American Economics Nobel Price), wrote more often than never, war is not good business.

According to students Gabriel Matthew Schivone and Hali Nurnberg, co-directors of University of Arizona Community for Human Rights: "The actions of these courageous doctors and health advocates demonstrate the uncontroversial human rights consensus on the US/Israel-Palestine conflict; they suggest how to help attain a peaceful resolution, that is to say, implementing the sort of international non-violent divestment activism that helped end apartheid South Africa's acts of regional aggression and occupation throughout the latter half of the 20th century ... When all the Israeli human rights groups, all the Palestinian human rights groups, all the international human rights groups are saying the same thing, namely, that Israel regularly violates the rights of Palestinians under occupation, suggesting that the occupation is detrimental to the health and safety of everyone it touches -- both Palestinian and Israeli -- the world is compelled to listen.

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