Toilets are everywhere. But why is that most toilets look the same? It seems originality regarding toilet design is a taboo. Toilets on which we sit on every day, have a history. Who made what? Who made you? Or who made the bathroom? In this article, all of this is irrelevant. Here are the weirdest looking toilets. Why? Just because we like flushing them out!

One: Shine a light on the Toilet
Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and could not find the toilet? If you don't want to wake up the īpeople who live with you, well here is a strange solution. The illuminated toilets. Never miss the water with these illuminated toilets again.

Two: Environmental meets crazy
Saving water and environmental public relations has been taken to the limit in this design. If you want to save water, maybe you would like to consider this dangerously ingenious device. Some day appliances manufacture will understand the concept of green and saving. Until then, this invention speaks clearly about society.

Three: The Biggest and Weirdest toilet in the World
Built by the sanitation activists from south Korea, the Toilet house launched by the global Toilet Association. Yes that's right, the toilet House. The house was inaugurated by lifting its giant lid in Seoul. Wonder what would happen if we pushed the flush button?

Four: Enough is Enough
Having issues with your partner because you miss the target? Sick of telling him to lift the lid? Well, this toilet will not just lift the lid by itself, it will actually transform itself automatically into an urinal and back again. If this is not useful, then what is?

Five to Six: Fashion that!
Are you too classy to just sit down on normal toilet seats? No problem there. Designers have figured it all out for you. There is no reason why you can not be fashionable even when taking a shit.

Seven: For the Anti-science Movement and their lower movements
Are you an anti-science man? Do you think technology and inventions have been the doom of the world, and left us in the dark. Number seven is the right choice for you. These will take you back into time when things where much better.

or maybe this one instead

Eight: Lazy and Crazy for Robots
High technology is put into good work when it comes to toilets. Number eight weirdest toilets are robotic toilets that will do everything for you, and when I say everything I mean everything. That is, if you trust your private parts to a robot, then you should be fine. These intelligent robotic toilets offer thermic seats (yes, that involves heat), and laser detectors. They also offer voice recognition (to avoid intruders from using your toilets?). Some can even hold a conversation, if that is what you go for when using a toilet. For a couple of thousand bucks you can have any of these.

Nine: The DoctorToilet
This toilet may not seem weird but it is actually very strange. It can analyse urine samples, measure blood pressure and check body fats. The Inventor of this toilet is Toto Company.

Ten: Toilets so weird they are not even on this Planet
This is the world's most expensive toilet and it is not found on earth. The Russian designed system was purchased by NASA for the International Space Station (ISS). It comes complete with leg restraints and thigh bars. It filters urine into drinking water.

Have fun!