John Deeds
I'm a tall Texan who doesn't have a Texas accent unless needed. I can speak roughly, about 12 English dialects. I am a Cancer survivor, former NASA worker (under a different name) and disabled American Veteran who is an active Advocate of U.S Veterans and Veterans Rights, 'Rights,' that aren't any more or less than any other progressive country with Army's of their own. Therefore, I am an advocate for self-preservation as well, since our families should always come first. Hence, I write about 'politics' and Culture, which have become more of a 'philosophy' than a force created to serve its people: not itself.
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Sarah Palin - the chick I used to date
Sarah Palin. She looks like a chick I dated in college who might have been on an equal personality level: they both were/are good looking, vain and transparent: with or without make-up.

They both had/have high ideals and could be rude with a smile before you even knew it, like zipping an intimidation over your head ... continue reading
Why I am starting to hate America
Why I am starting to hate America

I hope that title got your attention as most of my titles do. (I’m lucky that way).

I was born in a small Texas town, although my family did not live there; they were only visiting there when I decided to come into this world. I had never even been to that small town until just ... continue reading
Minorities in the USA
We, here in the USA and many countries worldwide, have heard that our new President, Barrack Obama is, “The first African-American” to be elected into office.

That phrase, “first African American,” is a misnomer, or, is simply not true.
Barrack Obama is ‘half’ African and ‘half’ White (‘Caucasian’ refers to Whites ... continue reading
From The Earth to The Moon: UFOs Are Reported
It is the misconception of many to think, or even to believe, that UFOs are predominately seen in North America and in South America.

The ‘skeptics’ and the ‘debunkers’ assert that the UFO phenomenon is a, "classical sense of Americana," spurred-on by the reports of "cover-ups" from the Roswell incident, the flight ... continue reading
Election funds: where does it all go, win or lose?
Has anyone wondered along with me, when politicians run for office that are already in office, such as Senator Obama and Senator McCain, who is doing their job while they are on the Champaign trail?

And also, what happens to the millions of dollars that they raise to run for office should they lose their... continue reading
Who should be the next U.S. President?
With the eyes of the world upon us here in America, just over one year before the Presidential elections, I ask myself as I always do when election time comes around; who would make the best President? And then I look into each canadate’s background and of their promises given, and those that were kept.
I hav... continue reading
Voting and Town Hall Meetings
Making your voice heard
Most Americans, who do not have political interests or, are not supporting their candidates monetary, seem to fail to realize that they can and should vote on the ‘laws’ and ‘Bills’ that are up for voter approval in elections.
Last night, I attended a ‘Town Hall Meeting’ in which the topic wa... continue reading
Leaving Iraq won’t be easy
     I will be the first American to state to the readers that I never did agree with President Bush’s ideas about the war in Iraq as far back as before, “Shock and Awe,” which I watched on TV: a war that began on ‘live’ TV.
     There were, however, certain facts that President... continue reading
I dare you to do this!
I dare you to do this. At least, try to do it just once this month: go to some 'event' either in your own city, town or village, or in a city, town or village nearby, unless you like to drive, then, who knows but you, right?
Okay. So you go to this 'event,' whatever it may be, as long as it is an actual 'event... continue reading
Are we all actually being thieves and cheats?
We are all Liars and Cheats
Did that title get your attention? Good. I had hoped that it would have. The truth always hurts - although it will always bring us closer to reality whenever we are reminded of it and willing to accept it. The truth, that is.
And we thought it was only politicians who lied ... continue reading
The Politics of War
The Politics of War
We can all suppose (and hopefully agree) that wars started out as one cave-clan against another for either food, or water rights, or for land rights. Okay, so they might have also included women in there somewhere, but you get the general idea: it was a simple act of who rules the roost. (‘... continue reading
What Some Forget About the War in Iraq
One glaring truth that many people seem to forget, mostly the misinformed writers who write with such a formidable sense of knowledge to the reader, is that the 'troops' and or 'the military' as a whole, all took an Oath to 'serve and to protect.'
This means that, even if their leaders are dreadfully wrong, or... continue reading
The Koran vs. Terrorist Sects
While in college, I studied 'Religions of the world' and was asked during my second semester, to 'student-teach' the class when the professor became hospitalized.
Being raised a Christian, I was fairly well read in the King James version of The Holy Bible, both Old and New Testaments, yet I knew nothing of oth... continue reading
State of the Union: 2007
"This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their Constitutional Right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it. If the founding fathers gave us anything, they gave us that."... continue reading

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