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Why I am starting to hate America

 article about Why I am starting to hate America
Why I am starting to hate America

I hope that title got your attention as most of my titles do. (I'm lucky that way).

I was born in a small Texas town, although my family did not live there; they were only visiting there when I decided to come into this world. I had never even been to that small town until just a few years ago when I drove there on purpose; a full grown man.

We grew up, my siblings and I, with a mother and father who were not racists, nor did they care to be around such people or to expose us children to them.

I have spent many decades not being a racist, although disliking anyone of any race who caused me or my loved ones any problems. It mattered not the color of their skin if they did cause a problem; they were in the wrong and that was all that mattered.

I honorably fought in a war to protect the Rights of Americans; not the rights of illegals. I further hate the fact that my fellow Veterans, throughout America's history, gave up their lives and became disabled to protect these Rights, which appear to be all in vain, due to the illegal aliens that I am addressing.

I am beginning to hate America, or what I was taught and learned by living here as to what America should and should not be, so allow me to rectify the title and state that I HATE WHAT AMERICA IS BECOMING.

I hate the fact that illegals (mostly Mexicans—but not exclusively of that country) can walk or swim across the border and take direly needed jobs away from Americans, simply because they will work for next to nothing, or just below minimum wages.

I hate the fact that they can come here and obtain free medical attentions that legal Americans cannot receive, as well as funding—free money—that Americans cannot get, though their heads be below the waters and the world is pulling in on them and all seems to be the less, when these illegals laughingly float through our legal, medical and educational systems like balloons in the passing wind at a county fair.

I hate that our laws aren't written to disallow these people from obtaining the mentioned benefits (and some I haven't mentioned), and I hate the employers who hire them to line their pockets with ill-gotten gains who are also protected by laws to do so.

I hate the fact that these illegals have ‘networks' that tell them how to leap through the legal loops holes in order to obtain the mentioned benefits and stay in America and encourage them to make more babies for the sake of more money in benefits rather than to have a child out of love.

I hate our election process that disallows the ‘popular vote' and puts someone into public office by means of an ‘electoral college,' which can be said to be a form of ‘lobbyists,' making General elections meaningless for registered voters (‘electoral colleges' are made up of our elected officials who are supposed to extend their vote based upon what the majority of voters decide by in voting ballots, but they rarely do, as is proved in all elections where the majority of votes cased are not adhered to), because it is these elected officials who make the laws that allow illegals into America and protect them by yet, other laws.

I hate what America is becoming because there is very little that ‘We the People' can do to change this situation of illegals, which is the ONLY topic I have addressed herein.

But I do not hate what America has become and is becoming enough to cause any violence or harm to anyone, fore that would go against my personal belief that America is ‘The Land of the Free' and ‘The Home of the Brave,' because ‘free' and ‘brave' people do not resort to violence to force their will upon others who are not free and brave. This is meant to state that only ‘cowards' take advantage of a free society such as America, the way that these mentioned illegals (and their American employers) do, and the only decent means of preventing such acts is to change the laws that allow them to get by with taking advantage of those laws that were meant to protect the innocent; not unwanted illegal aliens.

In closing, I repeat my assertion that I HATE WHAT AMERICA IS BECOMING, because we cannot love something that is so wrong that it borders upon being evil, and we should not be forced into abiding by the status quo and have our hands and our minds tied up and tangled, which prevents us from making the needed changes when our votes are meaningless and our elected officials are part of the problem and not a part of the solution.

The one true reality, although an irony herein, is that I am not a ‘hater,' but a ‘lover' of America and my fellow human beings. God taught me that much.

John Deeds

"No fool—is a fool—until he sees that—others are the fool."
© 1971 by Jason Leigh

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