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With the eyes of the world upon us here in America, just over one year before the Presidential elections, I ask myself as I always do when election time comes around; who would make the best President? And then I look into each canadate's background and of their promises given, and those that were kept.


I have been an Independent voter all of my voting life, which means to me that I do not hold fast to any one ‘Party,' yet it gives me the latitude of voting for whomever I feel will best suit the office.

This time, however, with so many running for the office, I realize that it has now become ‘a popularity contest between political millionaires.'


Oh yes, I have known for decades that being a millionaire is a complete and absolute must, because there has never been a poor man elected into that high office, that is, not since the 1860's when our ‘iconic President' was elected: Abraham Lincoln, known to those who knew him in his lifetime, and unto this very day as ‘Honest Abe.'

It could very well be that he was the first and the last ‘poor man' to have sat in that office at The White House who was not even a Mason. Yes, it's true. And look at what they did to that humble, great man.


I could write chapters on how we need such an intellect and wise man as Honest Abe was so blessed in being, though it would be a waste of time and effort for this writer and for you the reader: no such man is running for the office, and no such woman, either.

Forget about race and gender and the two major Parties (Republicans and Democrats)—and forget about the rich and famous touting and supporting (not only with money but in publicity) such a person, because the rich and famous ONLY tout and support the rich and famous.


What a horrendous concept it truly is, that the United States and other counties that practice a democracy should presuppose their leaders to be wealthy as a prerequisite to being elected.


It's sad, but oh so true.


Some people may state that there just might be a third-world country that elects a non-wealthy person to lead their country, although that leader's coffers would surely begin to grow by their first day in office.


‘Favors' equals ‘Bribes' and always come with a price tag added to them, thereby rendering that leader and that country to fall into the darkened depths of the other democracy run countries.


But lest we forget: it isn't the people in charge who make or break a better way of running a democracy. That trail always leads down the crooked path of corruptions, and everyone close enough to it becomes dangerous and wants a piece of the pie.


Example: Recently it was discovered that $1 Billion dollars worth of combat equipment, mostly guns, ammo and bigger guns, became ‘missing.' Then it was also discovered that $1 Billion in cash was also missing.


For those who may not know, $1,000 Million dollars equals $1 Billion, or $1,000,000,000.00.


The latest report on the costs of the war in Iraq has it right at $1.825 TRILLION dollars.


One Trillion dollars looks like this: $1,000,000,000,000.00. And to add on the .825 would be: $1,825,000,000,000.00 or, $1Trillion, 825 Billion dollars).


Easily put, $1Trillion dollars would be a million—millions.


Has your head stop spinning yet?


On any country's money chart, that's one whole hell of a lot of money.


Oh but ‘some' of the funds in combating the war in Iraq came from Saddom's own coffers, which was modestly related as being just under a measly $10 Billion dollars.


Before any one tags me as being a communist; I would enjoy nothing more than having $1 Million dollars or more, and I wouldn't share it equally with others, although you can count on me to give a huge share to the truly needy.


I am, however, trying to relate how the U.S. Presidential elections really evolve around money more so than that of a true intellect who possesses good wisdom and great leadership abilities. It is always the one who spends the most money (a minimum of $200 Million to run for President) that gets the most votes, because they buy more media ads and trumpet up more funding by a long string of ‘supporters' who will one day be compelled to reciprocate by asking for their earned ‘favors.'


Out of my voting for just over thirty years, only one of the Presidential canadates I voted for actually won.


Oh yes, he was a millionaire, although a ‘self-made' one.


Until God Almighty allows such a faithful human being, male or female, to become another ‘Honest Abe' as our President, we all must realize that it is ‘money' that makes the world and politics go ‘round.


No, not love.

That's off the cuff.

I'm John Deeds