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Minorities in the USA

 article about Minorities in the USA

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We, here in the USA and many countries worldwide, have heard that our new President, Barrack Obama is, "The first African-American" to be elected into office.

That phrase, "first African American," is a misnomer, or, is simply not true.
Barrack Obama is ‘half' African and ‘half' White (‘Caucasian' refers to Whites who originated from that area surrounding the Russian region and below it—Anglo Saxon refers to the original majority of White Americans from Ireland, England, Scotland, Spain, etc, just as not all Blacks are from Africa, yet Ethiopia, Egypt, and certain Arabian counties).

I am half Native American (Cheyenne) and half Anglo Saxon (Irish) in what was in the 1800s a negative term in the USA called a, ‘Breed,' or, a half white and half American Indian.

In this day and age of ‘political correctness,' many of the old negative terms relating to race, color and creeds have been changed to a more positive term, although in some cases they are incorrect, such as African Americans who were not born in Africa (like President Obama) who ‘became' Americans. That isn't politically correct, now, is it?

I still find myself becoming sadden when I hear of Blacks claiming of how mistreated they were as slaves over 140 years ago and are not on equal footing with the Whites.

No one ever hears complaints from the Native Americans who suffered the loss of hundreds of tribes that were completely rubbed out, with tribal names that have long since fallen from the ranks of history books and even the memories of the Native Americans themselves. Native Americans have never asked for 40 acres and a mule.

And why do you suppose that is? Because they were never promised 40 acres and a mule, and on the day President Abraham Lincoln freed the black slaves, Native American leaders, several hundred, were being hung by the neck until dead, an order signed by this same beloved American President. Not many people know of this tragic fact, so I invite you to check it out for yourselves. It's only one glaring National disgrace that has been swept under the political carpet for the same 140 years since the blacks were freed.

Latinos, who were born in the USA, prefer this term over ‘Mexican Americans,' as the former people were born in the USA of Mexican and Spanish decent, while the latter became American citizens by choosing American as their new home. But did you know that Mexicans make up the largest race of illegal immigrates and are given free medical attentions and Federal cash benefits that not even native born Americans can obtain?

I live in a small Texas town where illegal Mexicans are seen and live everywhere here in droves, as they work for so much less than unemployed citizens, and the employers know that these ‘illegals' will work for much less than the established ‘minimum wage,' and neither employer or employee does not have to pay State and Federal income taxes, because these dishonest employers know that all they have to do is to pay in cash as ‘contractual labor' and get by with bending the laws.

As this title relates, I have been discussing only America, as the wise have always suggested that a writer should write about what he/she knows. To study minorities of other counties would be a lengthy endeavor and most of us have heard the news of Muslims fighting Muslims, each being different religious ‘sects' with each claiming to have the rights to proclaim a holy war, a terrorist war, upon the other for land or, simply for their own beliefs being the ‘correct sect' with the other living in the dark. That equals no ‘freedom of religion,' which was the main reason America was sought out over 500 hundred years ago by Europeans who ultimately stole the lands from the Native Americans through bloodshed and the complete removal of those who were here first.

In closing, we will always have minorities living in all countries of the world, and the fighting over differences of all kinds will continue until the day comes, far, far away, when we stand under the sun and know that we all are equal human beings and that in becoming so, would mean that we have found the answer millennial long since sought out: we all are different, yet all the same in a world of no boundaries, where the one equals the all, and the all equal the one: a planet of harmonious human beings.

Jason Greywolf Leigh, a.k.a. John Deeds

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