UFO: Here, or There?
Our perceptions shape the paradigm in which we engage the debate. In contrast to the oft heard cop out of the religious clerics, ďIt will all be revealed after you dieĒ, letís hope we can open our eyes and minds to the world around us. read on

From The Earth to The Moon: UFOs Are Reported
It is the misconception of many to think, or even to believe, that UFOs are predominately seen in North America and in South America.read on

UFOs: Fact or Fiction?
The existance of UFOs and extra terrestrial activity explored and (hopefully) explained. read on

Interview with Zecheria Sitchen - The Return of the Cosmic Farmers
My Dad never really let loose with his thoughts. Every now and then he would launch a bauble of a parable that would either anger or confuse, but in hindsight, have become interesting measuring sticks.read on

UFO and the ethernal fight between believers and non believers
My personal anecdote in the middle of the fight that been troubling human mind since the beginning of timeread on

Aliens, The Cheers invites you to Earth
We are waiting for you to come and save us. Our world is not united and the many conflicts direct effort away from the important problems facing us. Iím sure you have experience of how to handle these problems. Maybe, centuries ago you may have faced the same trouble. .read on

Letter to the Earthlings
An Open Letter to the people of Earth read on


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