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Obama Ushers In Environmentally - Friendly Era
President Obama has proved during his first month in office that his environmental policies are radically different than those of his predecessor. read on

Barack Obama and his connection to Abe Lincoln
It should not be a surprise that the next four years will be a never ending barrage of thoughts and opinions about Barack Obama. After all, the man has broken through a barrier that we, as a nation, may have thought could not be done. read on

Obama and the Liberal Personality
Party loyalty and personality. Where does Obama rank?read on

President Obama, Now What?
I like Obama. Iím a little ashamed to admit it, but one of the reasons I like him is the big ears. Having oversized ears myself, I guess I just naturally feel a kinship with the man. read on

A president to laugh with, not to laugh at
Even with the worst crisis in the modern history, one thing everybody should agree is that the last eight years have provided more humorous material than any other presidential on

Barakís Crash Course In Economics
Barak Obama is taking what may be the final exam in US Economics. The world is keeping score on and the United States will ultimately receive the on

Obama may be dealing the cards, but Iím not playing with a full deck!
Barack Obama galvanized a large slice of the American pie, people who, for a long time, felt on

Is Barack Obama in league with the beast?
Conspiracy theories are rife in this new century we live in. In the post-9/11 world it seems that everyone has a theory or has heard suspicious evidence that the U.S government - and even the governments of the world - are not what they appear to be. read on

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