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Women’s becoming catalyst for social change in India’s Garo Hills
Women in the far flung remote areas of Garo Hills in India’s Meghalaya are forming Self Help Groups, which is bringing in a significant change in their lifestyle. Thanks to organizations like Bakdil, which have made women realize their efficiency, these women have become an instrument of social change. read on

Some amazing discoveries on English grammar
We can divide every English sentence into two parts; Grammar part and Meaning part. The Grammar part will have just 3 elements – Subject, Auxiliary, Verb. And the meaning part - Object and. or Complement which may be in any combination. It is the O/C parts that will contain the full meaning of the sentence while the Grammar part will give only a small meaning. This information is shown diagrammatically here, read on

Editorial: Democracy the Russian way
After more than a decade of silence Russia has again opened its mouth, spitting in every possible direction to demonstrate they not only still have a voice but also strength - political And on

The Rise and Rise of The Russian Federation
A defiant attitude to the rest of the world is normal for Russian leaders, and it is popular with its people, and more importantly these days, voters. Booming oil wealth has seen a Russian military resurgence that has alarmed its neighbours and the USA. The recent military intervention in Georgia has sent a reminder to the rest of the world that the Federation is a significant player in world affairs. read on

Russia to Become Major World Players?
What is the affect of the current political campaign on the relationship with Russia? Where do our candidates stand? Does it really matter who is elected President in United States? These are questions which I hope I can answer or give you a better understanding of. Or maybe let you see it in a different on

Russia's Credibility in Question
Since the fall of the Soviet Empire, Russia has tried to regain some influence and credibility in a world that does not look kindly upon Russia in terms of its policies and tactics towards former Soviet republics as well towards other nations in on

The game in overtime or how to lose a campaign in 1812 minutes
Winter 1812. Napoleon has just entered Warsaw in a sledge and not much else. However, he realizes that PR is important in the current state of affairs, with one army gone and the quick need to build a new one and reassure uncertain allies. He grants an interview for The Cheers in which he talks about how the game seemed won at half time, but was lost by the end, how you need to push those Russians to fall down after you killed them and why the Russian vodka cannot compare to his favorite Chambertin wine. read on

The Russian bear has stepped on its neighbors
Is it really Russias fault that their country goes from Europe to the Bering Sea? Do you think it’s so easy to live in such a big country?read on

Russia's Attempt to Modernise Defence Forces
Ever since the end of the Cold War, Russia has been looking at modernising its defence structures and equipment but never had the money or the expertise to do so. Now, with greater access to better technology and more money being available through its resources boom, Russia might well be able to substantially modernise and further upgrade its defence on

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