What would the world be like without death?
Scientifically, death is the final stage of a living on

Death of a country
Talking about death, we as writers tend to approach this topic associated with people or animals. But I want to discuss the slow and painful process of destroying an economy, a country and its people by a government that promised change and progress but just brought a big spoon of the same shit, with different flies. read on

Who cares how it happened, that’s one cool way to die!
I like the idea of death. Without it, we'd all be a lot worse off. It's like a giant eraser cleaning off a portion of the world’s slate ever day, making room for new drawings and words. Everybody's going to die; no free passes, no buying your way out of it…rich, poor, fat, thin, attractive, ugly, black, white, religious, heathens, we're all going down, it's just a matter of when, where and how. read on

Finding joy and comfort after the death of a loved one
For most people death is something that invokes fear, sadness and the idea that life is over and they will never be the same. The idea of a loved one passing away is such a devastating idea that many talk about in hushed tones so as not to bring it on their family. read on

What Happens When Everyone You Love Dies?
Western civilization has one great taboo - death. We sweep it under the carpet with all the other dust bunnies in hopes it never mutates into something we will have to fight with a vacuum cleaner that shoots lasers. read on

Choose Death - for a better quality of life
We have the legal right to push knitting needles into our eyes… so long as the intention is not to die from our on

A Gentle Death
Should assisted suicide be legal?read on

When a body is delivered to the morgue, the Coroner, or in many instances now known as the Medical Examiner, have to answer two questions. Firstly, how did the person die, and secondly, when did he or she die?read on

Death Associated Phenomena and near death experience
Having spent over 40 years examining, researching, and teaching in the field of Death & Dying (Thanatology), I prefer to classify the events for which people have such intense interest in a manner which goes beyond the simple focus on just the “Near Death Experience”, or NDE. Indeed, concentration on just the NDE detracts from a fuller understanding of the events as a on

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