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Why do you sneak around our heavens in what we call Unidentified Flying Objects without coming to see us? As long as your intentions towards us are not hostile, many of us would welcome you with open arms. This planet has problems that you might be able to help us with.

Our leaders have stuffed up world finances, and we definitely need help. Not to mention, Global warming, which means we are all heading to oblivion. Then of course world leaders all need to be replaced, and you might be able to advise us on the political model that suits us best.

I can assure you there are millions on Earth that have seen your spacecraft and know for certain of your existence.
I'm sure you monitor the Internet so you would know about Siim Einfeldt. Why don't you contact him, he could do with the world scoop? If you are more comfortable talking to me, then I'm available. This is the headline, Interview with an alien called ---- insert your name.

Perhaps you have monitored photos of UFOs and some of them have been doctored so the so called victims could claim some sort of notoriety. I'm sorry if that offended you, I can assure you there are millions on Earth that have seen your spacecraft and know for certain of your existence. Some have even visited you, but of course after telling their story, they are ridiculed, and the media doesn't believe them.

Our puny technology needs your urgent input. Your sleek silent spacecraft is light years in front of our flame belching rockets that lumber into space, barely escaping our atmosphere.

We are waiting for you to come and save us. Our world is not united and the many conflicts direct effort away from the important problems facing us. I'm sure you have experience of how to handle these problems. Maybe, centuries ago you may have faced the same trouble. It looks as if Mars was once inhabited, and maybe they found oblivion by not stopping global warming.

You are welcome at our house; I'll ask my wife to make a lamb roast as only she can. We could open a bottle of crown lager, I'm sure you'd appreciate it. I'll take you to a game of Australian Rules football and you can barrack for my team The Adelaide Crows.

I'm not sure whether you have been invited to Earth before, but now that has changed, millions of our people are waiting to meet you.

Photos taken from various internet sites.