Obesity and weight issues THEME

Very Berry diets and more…
Diet regimes come and go faster than the latest catwalk trends but why isn’t there simply a one size fits all diet?read on

Marketing Obesity
Let's face it. We're all aware that the United States is in the throes of an obesity "epidemic". We're also all more than aware of what is necessary to lose weight. It's a simple formula: eat less, exercise more. read on

To be Obese - Or not to be Obese
With 1.6billion obese people in the world, its little wonder health is deteriorating at an astronomical rate. It's a 'wake-up' call for civilization—and it had better take notice. This is one issue needing to be addressed immediately, before people loose sight of what they are becoming and take it as 'normal' to be obese.read on

Thirty Pounds and One Year Ago: My Weight Loss Experience
The weight gain seemed sudden. As a woman of small stature, I found myself registering 163 pounds.read on

The Agnostic Pulpit: Food, Obesity, and the Quality of Life
Many years ago another psychologist and I at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio did a study of weight control among women.read on

The REAL Cause of Obesity: Lawyers
A humorous and insightful look at obesity. What causes it. What Doesn't. Who's to blame.read on

Can empty wallets result in slim waistlines?
Can empty wallets really result in slim waistlines? One might think so. In fact, the following scenario is entirely logical: an economic downturn begets reduced consumer spending on all goods (including food), begets reduced food consumption, begets a nationwide caloric deficit and reduced obesity prevalence. read on

The Post Traumatic Vodka Diet
Gerlach, Nev--"I'm writing a story about how I lost 35 pounds being homeless, selling plasma for cash and drinking a fifth of vodka a day to ease my PTSD," I told my lady companion as I sipped a PBR at the Gerlach Club, one of four bars in the small town I live in.read on


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