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Self-help or self-knowledge?
I've always believed we all have the right to f**k up. Besides, who is to say what I consider to be liberating and fulfilling will be of value to the next person?read on

Forget Self Help, I Have a Better Idea...
Forget Self Help...Try Self Abuse! Honestly, Masturbate. I Guarantee you'll feel loads better. 'Love Yourself, Love Another'? Nah...just love yourself. read on

I'm OK, You're Not So Hot
Seeking self-help implies one has a self-problem, and who doesn't? Too shy, too fat, too skinny, too nervous, not artistic enough, too autistic - the list goes on forever--nobody is on

Just cheer up, stupid!
Even if a human is really extremely healthy, the mere fear of losing one's health can ruin his or her life, believed the great Greek philosopher Epicurusread on

The Self-Help Industry Dulls American
The self-help industry tells Americans that problems exist only within themselves and keeps them from tackling the structural problems in their society. read on

The Agnostic Pulpit: Self-help
If you are counting on using religion as part of a self-help program, forget it. As agnostics are fond of saying, "Nothing fails like prayer." No one has ever prayed away the fat or prayed away cravings for drugs, alcohol, or any other addiction. read on

How to Become a Self-Help Guru & Author
Self-help books are great! They're great for the authors of self-help books! So let's say you want to become a self-help author. Here are the Rules you'll need to follow for on

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