Gum, Apparently I’m Chewing It Wrong.
As a consumer these days I am rarely satisfied with the level of performance of a product as compared to its claims in the advertising campaign. Advertisers have stopped even trying to accurately represent their product and instead have decided to use their commercials as subtle resumes to break into the science fiction movie genre. As an open minded consumer I would love to journey to outer space, but then sometimes I just want a piece of on

This space for sale
Unless we are being completely deceived by everything in the Wall Street Journal, the US and other world markets are teetering on the edge of a chasm of unknown depth. Allusions are made to the “great depression” but in retrospect even that catastrophic moment in America’s rise to King of the Capitalists, might pale in comparison. How did we ever get into this mess? Who is to blame? read on

Is There Truth in Advertising or Does Their Advertising Never Ring True?
When a company tries and sells you their product, wouldn't it make sense to first demonstrate that they live on the same planet as the rest of us? Prove to me you are human first, then try and sell me relief for my pain. If you actually reside in the twilight zone then go and peddle your crap there on

The Agnostic Pulpit: Toxic Advertising
If you have a fantasy, daydream, or secret desire, there is someone out there ready to help, for a price. The most toxic and seductive advertisements play into our fantasies. When in comes to advertisements, we can be our own worst enemies. read on

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