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It is the misconception of many to think, or even to believe, that UFOs are predominately seen in North America and in South America.

The ‘skeptics' and the ‘debunkers' assert that the UFO phenomenon is a, "classical sense of Americana," spurred-on by the reports of "cover-ups" from the Roswell incident, the flight of 11 to 18 UFOs over the White House of 1952 (which were not, at first; covered-up) and the Broad-daylight videotape (and eye-witness reports) from June 11, 1995--from a small town in Texas, expounded upon herein: "UFOs over Cleburne," by yours truly.

In point-of-fact, over 140 countries have reported UFOs as was seen by anyone from the Police, farmers, doctors, Military pilots, Commercial pilots, former Presidents of the U.S., Senators, housewives, the 'average guy' on the streets of the entire world--to the very scientists themselves who cannot, nor in most cases, will even consider looking into the matter, due to the prevailing stigma that so many feel follows this topic around like a bad penny.

Since the UFO ‘Flap' of the late 1940's and into the early 1950's, the USA has been designing (and trying to design) aircraft which would appear, deliberately, to resemble the UFOs being then seen by creditable people and professionals alike, as well as photographs and 8mm film footage of the, "shinny--oblong--cigar shaped--oval-shaped--flying disks," which came to be known as, UFOs.

Perhaps you have seen some of the TV shows that have exposed these man-made aircraft. They appear to be the shape of a ‘flying saucer' at first glance (even the 'shinny' part), until they try to fly the things. They wiggled about--some from the short length of an umbilical cord, some having huge rotator-blades within the very center, using one man to attempt to make the thing rise-up from the ground while the cameras rolled--because they could only stay up for--seconds . . .

And how many of you believed that those 'clunkers' were what people saw, photographed, and filmed, zooming through the sky at over 1,000 mph--or hovering over a lake as the size of a football field? And the changing, flashing--colored lights, which have been reported as, "strobing," before strobing would be invented?

The most famous of these early attempts in 'copy-catting,' was the V-173, "Flying Flapjack," as it was called, which was a wingless, saucer-shaped airplane, on display at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. It didn't work-out to be much more than a 'vain attempt.' But it was, "shinny."

Also from the early 1950's came the AV-7055, "Flying Disk," touted as being a, "secret military aircraft," powered by a huge, positioned-in-the-middle, ducted fan. It flew but only several feet, several times, and then was 'canned' a failure. Tax dollars paid for this folly.

Yes, The UFOs flew in-formation, directly over the White House!
In those early years of the 1950's, it was a paramount period for UFO sightings by eye-witnesses and by the highest-grade of radar from the Pentagon during the rash or, ‘flap' of sightings in the months of June and July, 1952, when a record 1,501 UFO reports remained, "unknowns." The most infamous of these 'sightings' would have been the two (2) 'flaps' of UFO sightings one week apart over the White House and the Capital Building, when seven (7) UFOs flew through ‘Restricted Air Space,' witnessed by thousands of people, as well as the advanced radar systems at the Pentagon. And despite the Air Force sending up F-94 fighter jets: the UFOs eluded the jets as if they were standing still by zooming straight up vertically; disappearing from the radar, only to return once the F-94's were called back to base. Yes, The UFOs flew in-formation, directly over the White House!

However, the U.S. government didn't stop. Soon came, "The Flying Wing," which has remained today in the shape of the B-1 Stealth Bomber, appearing sort of like a 'boomerang,' although flat-black in color: not, "shinny." After all, It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that a ‘spy-plane,' should not be "shinny," because, . . then it could be seen from the ground by the Russians or other countries who, more than likely, had telescopes and other such ‘eyes-in-the-skies' to detect such craft. It has been reported lately, here in late 1997, that the early versions of these, "spy-planes" were made of ‘shinny-metal,' before they got wise and painted them all flat-black. Duh??? Their reasoning was that they (the government) would 'play-off' of the UFO reports so that the Russians would think that these spy-planes were UFOs--not what they really were, which the Russians already knew (from their network of spies) that the U.S. had such high flying spy-planes. They even shot one down: remember Col. Gary Powers? 'Make sense to you???

All of that happened over 60 years ago, when the world seemed to be like a black & white movie: the age of innocence married to the age of discovery . . .

Consider this statement, made by then Captain Edgar D. Mitchell, pilot of the Apollo 14 mission to the Moon in 1971, upon returning to Earth said:

We all know that UFOs are real. All we need to ask is where do they come from?

* Interesting note: Captain Edgar Dean Mitchell retired from the Navy and NASA one year later in October of 1972 . . .

I have received hundreds of e-mails since the July 4th Roswell 50th Fest-97, many from ‘debunkers' and lewd people who try to 'demand' this, or that of me, and they seem to be saying that unless I can point my finger to a star and proclaim, "That's where they come from," then there is no reality of UFOs. These people condemn all of our research contained within this Website, which equals some very objective and convincing evidence in proving that the object of June the 11th, 1995, and the ten days earlier multi-UFOs of June the 1st, 1995—were indeed spacecraft from another world caught on videotape—and seen with the naked eye, checking out every possible explanation under the sun—and finding NO OTHER ANSWER THAN THE FACT OF REAL, . . UFOs . . . But they (the debunkers) want more. They demand a free copy of my videotape and of all reports, thinking me to be Bill Gates, or Ted Turner with money to burn—on them. 'Dream-on. They want me to tell them something that I don't know for a fact: Where did those UFOs come from? ‘Certainly, not from this planet.

I should mention that the favourable e-mails far out-weighed those related to 'debunker-demands.'

Thank you to all of the people of all walks of life from around the world, who took the time to send me their thoughts regarding our proving that the UFOs from June of 1995 over the small town of Cleburne, Texas—were real, and documented—UFOs: ‘space ships from another world.'