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Gambling addiction - is it the same as having great sex?
It is always great to see the kind of symptom lists that show if you have an addiction. Or these tests you take to see whether your sex life is good. Well, they have the same type of tests for gambling on

Our Latest Addiction: Online Video Games
Alcohol. Drugs. Sex. Food. Gambling. Smoking. Porn. Exercise. Shopping. Bad Relationships. All addictions. Is there anything we're NOT addicted to? I mean really. And now we have a new one. Online video games. read on

Curse on the World
As far as world problems go, addiction is right up there with global warming, and on

Addiction, alcohol & AA
The concept "addiction" may be applied so universally as to become almost meaningless. read on

Day of a common addict
I can't think straight. I haven't been able to all day. My mouth feels dry. I'm anxious and I feel on edge. I'm twitchy. I have a on

The Diction of Death: Addiction
The warm sensations of heroin and cocaine injected into my vein are pleasures that some may consider dangerous. I mean, I can quit anytime, and I on

The Agnostic Pulpit: Addictions
"What the hell is wrong with you?" Every addict hears this question sooner or later. Why would any rational, mature person destroy a life with an addiction to alcohol, drugs, or gambling?read on

How-To overcome an addiction?
The real cause of any addiction – LIFE. Thus the easiest way to help yourself to recover from any addiction is to change your life. read on

What do you consider an addiction? It may be more than you think.
What do you consider an addiction? It may be more than you think. The term addiction - what does it really refer to?read on

Editorial: Online Gambling Addiction
Gambling addiction is one of the three main addictions ruining the lives of millions of people around the globe. The other two being alcohol and on

Get Your Musical Fix Here: 21 Songs About Addiction
Here are TOP 21 songs about addictions. Whether you have an addiction or just want to see what the world's top performers are singing about addictions, we've created the list for on

Porn Again American
Porn is the latest addiction to hit the sheets. Back in the day, and by this I mean the 1970s, if you wanted to see some porn you had to steal it. There were no videos, internet access, cable shows, digital displays of ta-ta'sand unless your older brother had a stash that was accessible, stealing porn was the only way to feed your early on

Addiction in the Spotlight: Celebrity Addiction
With the popularity of celebrities, the tabloid press's obsession with catching celebrities out and today's audience's having a slightly sadistic, voyeuristic tendency to take pleasure in other people's car crash lives read on

Confessions of a Sudoku Addict
My hands shake, my pulse races, but relief is close at hand. Soon the newspaper will arrive with today's on

Drug Addicts Need Treatment Not Incarceration
The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world, partly due to harsh penalties for drug possession. Many Americans call for drug sentencing reform, including treatment for drug addicts rather than incarceration. read on

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