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Travelling the World part 5 - High Speed Trains a Possibility for Australia
Australia must be one of the world's few economically developed countries that has not as yet seen the development of a high-speed railway network; the reason for the lack of such a system being a lack of Government initiatives, a lack of vision in terms of what is possible in railway development, a large country with a reasonably small population and last but not least, entrenched vested interest by those making the decisions. read on

La Diablo Mort, the Ultimate in Shaving Technology
If you aren’t careful technology has a way of leaving you behind faster then you can change the blade on your razor. It is difficult to imagine what the world will be like in 50 years but if there is one thing I know it is that I will still be routinely injured by the best a man can get. read on

Growing New Body Parts
Regenerative Medicine Promises Radical Replacement on

After Blast—The Final Years
Diary entry September 2059 (A.B. 37). The sun released a plasma blast somewhere in September of on

Armageddon Technology
It’s hard for to fathom what technology was like 50 years ago. In fact most would agree that the ‘technology age’ has existed in its entirety in the last 50 years. read on

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