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The Top Ten Obsession
Tell ya what, if there is one thing we human people like doing, it's putting things into lists. It's like an on

Ten Reasons Why the United States Should Get Out of Afghanistan
The United States lost about 45,000 soldiers in Korea in the early 1950s. Had we stayed out of that conflict, the two Koreas might very well have united and evolved into a modern state as China has done over the years. Of course, they might not have developed the kind of government we like to see, but could it be worse than what we have there now? Maintaining military bases there for almost sixty years has cost us billions of dollars and earned the hatred of many on

Top reasons why we read top ten lists
Each year after Thanksgiving it begins, the count down to the year’s top ten lists. Everything from movies, to sports, to embarrassing moments is collected to be shown over and over again as a remembrance of the past year. read on

Top Ten Stories of the Year for 2008
Bush goes bust, Obama rises, white kids lose their minds and so on

Top 10 good promises for year 2009
My friend has just died, but it doesn’t matter, I have a new and better friend now anyhow. read on

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