Creativity Requires Discipline
The first experience of sex with another person often does not go as well as fantasy may predict. However, with a little love, some self-discipline, and a lot of creative practice, sex can become a fantastic part of life. read on

Do I Smell Something Creative?
Creativity and advertising go together like Sarin gas and subways- a noxious ride along the underbelly of capitalist society. read on

The "Coffee Lid Sip Hole Plug Stopper Starbucks Lid" or (C.L.S.H.P.S.S.L. for short)
In this high paced society it is nice to see that consumers aren't the only ones who are so wired that they can't even stop to think. Some of the most successful businesses are so fast passed with their product development that they forget to stop and actually ask if a product is necessary to develop. Starbucks has perhaps been partaking a little too much of their own product to slow down and realize that this little seemingly ingenious invention is nothing short of on

Is Robin Williams Crazy or Just Creative?
We've all probably had the experience of watching a standup comic and finding ourselves laughing, then feeling slightly uncomfortable, then actually wondering whether the comic is quite possibly...just possibly... a little on

I'm At MY Service!!!
Today businesses have implemented creative technology that actually makes you an employee minus all the benefits such as being paid or participating in the health plan. Furthermore, they have cleverly tricked you into thinking this is what you want by providing you with sub-par service for years. People are singing the praises of Self-Checkout technology and the words go something like, "CHA CHING!!! CHA CHING!!!" However, the grocery store wrote the on

Slide Your Way To Success: Creative Workspaces for the Easily Amused
The office has long been a dull gray space, devoid of creativity and paneled with a substance scientifically proven to absorb men's souls. read on

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