Creationists Celebrate as The Lord God Privatises Education
Should the state take responsibility for the education of its youth? Should children be taught a broad, well-rounded curriculum? Should children be educated on all areas of both fact and faith, rather than any form of religious bias? Should children be counted as individuals rather than statistics?read on

Selling Your Soul
I ran my first business when I was 8 years old, selling lemonade on the side of the road to thirsty suburban passer-bys. read on

In the Event of a Zombie Attack, Avoid All Home Depots
In today's age of business it is clear that the education and general intelligence level of employees are at the very bottom of ANY business's list of priorities. Today businesses are employing mindless Zombies and other horrors to clearly side step the fact that they might have to pay an educated human being. If we are all going to survive this Apocalyptic hostile take over we might need to fire some torches and grab our pitchforks because clearly reason and logic are no longer viable on

The Agnostic Pulpit: The university eduation fraud
The first job of the agnostic is constructive skepticism, not just about the lies of religion, but about most worldly matters such as education. read on

The Right to an Education
The business community has a vested interest in the preparation of future employees, including not merely their academic development but also their ethics. read on

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