The Second Battle
The Battle of El Alamein was one of the great battles of World War 2. For about fifteen terrible minutes the weapons thundered. Then suddenly, far to the east, two searchlights flashed into the sky like a celestial sign and remained stationary.read on

Fortress America: The American Love of Guns
Americans love their guns and insist on the right to have them.read on

I Smell a War, and the Scent of the Battlefield Never Smelled Better
We are all told to make lemonade when life hands us lemons but what if you just wanted some damn water? I didn't ask to be part of this stinking war and yet I keep finding myself an unwilling participant in an epic olfactory struggle. Lemon scented or pine scented? I don�t need my floors to smell like either because they didn�t have an odor before I even started to clean them. We all have to stop this assault on our senses because frankly the conflict is beginning to reek. read on


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