Sex sells THEME

Sex DOES sell
Of course sex sells. Naturally a half-naked woman can sell anything. Were used to sex selling to men, presumably straight men. What about the multitudes of straight women out there? read on

Using sex to sell products - are we taking things too far?
Turn on the TV and a new perfume or cologne is being advertised using a steamy sex scene or innuendo. Car shows are notorious for using bikini clad women to lure car enthusiasts, with a focus on the male on

The Agnostic Pulpit: The American War on Sex
The United States government has been waging a War on Sex for decades. Like the failed War on Drugs, the inability to banish popular interest in sex is astonishing in view of the money and resources wasted in the effort. read on

The Big Three and the Failure of Auto-eroticism
Chrysler, Ford and GM have run out of tricks. The sexy American automobile is now an over-powered, over-weight and over-priced old hag. And now they want 34 billion dollars worth of lipstick for their on

Alms For The Love Of Ella
For many people, sexual intercourse is simply masturbation by proxy. One of the most ridiculous, and degrading euphemisms in American usage is, "making love", a reference to doing the Hokey Pokey. In the words of the famous song, "What's love got to do with it?"read on

Sex - The Final Frontier
Guys, how many times have you been looking at magazines at the newstand when you hear the uneven breath of a pasty-faced pudge-ball next to you? read on

Sex, Sex, and more Sex!
Moreover, in the final analysis, its not so much sex that sells, but the promise or the allure of it. Advertisers and psychologists have been studying and examining sex in advertising for many years and know what to show and what not to show. The object is not so much to expose boobs, penises and pubic hair, but to create the impression the buyer is desirable if they buy the on

Sex Sells Sex
Sex can sell anything from hamburgers to vacuum cleaners, but can sex sell itself? read on

Objectifying Women to Sell Products
Three decades after the beginning of the women's movement, fashion magazines, which are aimed at women, female sexuality is used to sell almost every on

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