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How to Survive a Writers' Critique Group
What can you learn by working with other writers?read on

Illusions and delusions of a social networker
Phenomenological analysis of “social groups” must conclude that the concept of human social groups, if extended beyond the purely physical, is an illusion built upon a on

Do You Want Me to Stab You Repeatedly?!?!?!
Social networking and the creation of groups on networking sites give people a sense of belonging and not being alone in the world. Yet this belonging is a facade and in reality is deteriorating real life human interactions. People are losing the ability to carry on a conversation despite the fact that they have more access to information about their “friends” then they ever had on

The Grateful Dead Social Club - if you can't clone him, don't join 'em!
You’ve heard of the Indy 500? I’m part of the Jerry 500 - which means I’ve traveled 500 times to see that guy (Garcia) play on

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