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Vegan maniac encountered on JDate internet dating
True story: She says "i hope when you go hunting that the bullet bounces of the animal and hits you in your sorry little ass." She don't even wear leatherread on

Spell Chceker is Agiasnt Me!!!
If yuo cna raed tihs tahn yuo adn I shaer a simliar prolbem. Spell chceker is agiasnt me and perahps it is agiasnt yuo too. Pelase hlep me find taht eluisve way of udnoing teh add to ditcionray on

Well May We Say “God Save The Queen” Because Nothing Will Save Tony Blair
Remember the war in Iraq, one of the two? Take your pick. One was because Saddam invaded Kuwait, a country that was growing oil and not oranges while the other was because Saddam was said to have weapons of mass destruction, weapons that never were and for which former US President George W is still looking, together with his brains. In his dreams that is. read on

CHINA - Two Faces, One Postage Stamp
China is country of contradictions. On one hand there is the China with a growing economy, increasing consumer consumption and better living standards for some of its population while on the other hand there is the Chinese Government, ambitious, oppressive, corrupt and generally afraid of and for its own existence. read on

The Myths of A Suicide Bomber
The menace of suicide bombers walking into hotels and other places where people congregate has become so widespread that one must be wondering as to why people are stupid enough to even contemplating participating in such on

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