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The obsession of money
Every day you turn on the TV and there is a new support group for some addiction. A 12-step program for internet addiction, gambling, alcoholism, etc. These groups are a blessing to those who desire to make the changes in their lives and to know they are not alone. There is one addiction, however, that seem to have ... continue reading
Taking the fear out of buying wine
Purchasing wine can be difficult at best if you do not know what you are looking for or where to look. So, before purchasing a bottle of wine do a little research. Why are you buying it, Is a house warming gift? A celebration? A small gift for dinner? No matter the occasion, the information is vital in making the d... continue reading
Barack Obama and his connection to Abe Lincoln
It should not be a surprise that the next four years will be a never ending barrage of thoughts and opinions about Barack Obama. After all, the man has broken through a barrier that we, as a nation, may have thought could not be done.

Why? Because of the color of his skin? His lack of experience? His stand on ... continue reading
Finding joy and comfort after the death of a loved one
For most people death is something that invokes fear, sadness and the idea that life is over and they will never be the same. The idea of a loved one passing away is such a devastating idea that many talk about in hushed tones so as not to bring it on their family.

What if they are wrong? What if you are wrong? ... continue reading
Top reasons why we read top ten lists
Each year after Thanksgiving it begins, the count down to the year’s top ten lists. Everything from movies, to sports, to embarrassing moments is collected to be shown over and over again as a remembrance of the past year.

So, why do we look forward to these lists?

The lists offer us the chance to voice our opi... continue reading
Using sex to sell products - are we taking things too far?
Turn on the TV and a new perfume or cologne is being advertised using a steamy sex scene or innuendo. Car shows are notorious for using bikini clad women to lure car enthusiasts, with a focus on the male psyche. Each year there is a collection of new calendars, toting a “pin-up” for each month. This is one area whe... continue reading
What do you consider an addiction? It may be more than you think.
What is it that you enjoy? Do you think of it often? Do you feel anxious when you can not participate in an activity, take a certain drug, or eat a snack?

5a.m. and even before the first cup of coffee, you hit the button on the computer. The screen's glow lights the dark room, taking what seems to be "forever"... continue reading

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