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Top reasons why we read top ten lists

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Each year after Thanksgiving it begins, the count down to the year's top ten lists. Everything from movies, to sports, to embarrassing moments is collected to be shown over and over again as a remembrance of the past year.

So, why do we look forward to these lists?

The lists offer us the chance to voice our opinions. Look at a top 10 list of movies of 2008, how many do you agree with? If you agree with the choices there is a sense of satisfaction in knowing you "were right." If the list does not match, however, there is t opportunity for argument as to why not.

Top 10 lists offer us the opportunity to look back on those moments that made an impression on our lives.
Top 10 lists offer us the opportunity to discover news things. There may be a movie you didn't see, but knowing it is on a top 10 list – makes it more likely that you will go see it in the future. It's the same idea with music, we listen to the radio all year long, hear 100's of songs, but when the top 10 list comes out, we may hear something new, and wonder how we missed it.

Top 10 lists also offer us the opportunity to look back on those moments that made an impression on our lives. We take the time to remember those who have passed away in the last 12 months and the memories they have left us with.

Top 10 lists can also be quite comedic. The year's list of the top sports bloopers are always a hit, what could be better than watching professional ball players make fools of themselves.

While top 10 lists have been around for quite some time, there are new twists and ways of using the lists. With the majority of our time spent on the computer the number of topics used for top 10's is unending, everything from the top programs and top websites, to top blogs and writers.

For those who work on-line, top 10 lists can bring additional traffic to your website or blog. Using the headline of "Top 10…." offers the reader the chance to see what your opinion is for the top 10 in their specialty. In turn, if you leave a comment and link to the post, it can be passed on to many more people. In addition, if a top 10 list is found interesting it can be passed on to friends and family. Herein providing more traffic for the author.

When it comes to top 10 lists though, they do not need to be reserved for prime time TV or major websites a blogs. Top 10 lists can be personal, top 10 things you did in the last year that you wish you didn't, or top 10 things you accomplished. In the same way, you can write the top 10 thing you plan to do in the coming year or top 10 things you hope you don't.

The possibilities are endless, the reasons are endless and the popularity of these lists will forever grow in popularity. We want others opinions, whether it's to agree with them or to argue – it's a tradition that comes with New Year's.

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