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It should not be a surprise that the next four years will be a never ending barrage of thoughts and opinions about Barack Obama. After all, the man has broken through a barrier that we, as a nation, may have thought could not be done.

Why? Because of the color of his skin? His lack of experience? His stand on certain topics? Everyone has their reason, but what I think it comes down to is, fear. Fear of the unknown and it is this fear that makes him a near mirror image of Abraham Lincoln, and who could ask for a better role model?

Lincoln faced many road blocks on his way to the Presidency, people did not believe he was able to hold the office, to bring a new nation together or solve the issues they faced when it came to slavery.

Like Lincoln, Obama did not have the experience that people were looking for or thought he should have. He was not from a wealthy family. He's curious and enjoys learning. He was a lawyer in Illinois, served only a short time in Congress and was a long-shot for the presidency. Probably most of all, both Lincoln and Obama are exceptional speakers, with the ability to bring a nation together in times of hardship.

Lincoln fought to abolish slavery; he believed that everyone had the same right to be free, to live. Because of Lincoln, Barack Obama now sits in the White House, President of the United States that Lincoln fought to keep together.

There is something about people who are confident and straightforward. They are seen as a threat to our very way of life. One would think that honesty and trust would take you far in this world the opposite however is more often true. The more honest you are, the more you seem to be chastised and looked down on.

Obama picked a great role model, the one president who took the chance and didn't back down. They one no one thought had a chance or the capability to hold the office yet in the end he became one of the most loved and honored presidents this country has seen.