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Purchasing wine can be difficult at best if you do not know what you are looking for or where to look. So, before purchasing a bottle of wine do a little research. Why are you buying it, Is a house warming gift? A celebration? A small gift for dinner? No matter the occasion, the information is vital in making the decision on the right wine to purchase.

One of the most common reasons for buying wine is as a gift, usually for a house warming. In this case, purchasing a simple bottle of a most popular brand may be appropriate, or if you know the person is a wine drinker and enjoys discovering new tastes, giving a six pack of different brands and tastes may be appropriate and very much enjoyed.

Another option may be a wine gift basket. A basket offers the buyer an even wider range of choices, since the items can be chosen such as for an outdoor picnic, cheese and cracker party, dinners or appetizers.

If taking a bottle of wine to dinner, ask the hostess for the menu and match the wine to the dinner, or the dessert if you wish to present it toward the end of the evening. In a pinch, and the occasion is festive, offer a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine. These items are often well received and possibly one not thought of previously.

When purchasing wine, be honest if you do not know how to purchase or choose a wine; ask someone well versed in wine to help.
It seems when buying wine there is a lot to remember, to take into consideration and learn. With a knowledgeable wine merchant, however, the perfect wine, gift basket or champagne can be found.