Dan Edwards
I enjoy writing and performing stand-up Comedy and often can keep the two separated
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Confessions of a Sudoku Addict
I'm not sure how I got started. I think I saw a friend doing one and it looked like fun. What could it hurt, it was just a puzzle. But when I put the last number into that final little square, there was no turning back. I wanted to do another Sudoku. I had never felt so good, so alive, so smart. I thought I was Einstei... continue reading
Seeing, Swirling, Sniffing, Sipping, Savoring
Donít let the wine snobs fool you. With these five simple techniques, you will be able to sample the nectar of the Gods with complete confidence (as well as drink a lot of wine for free).

So there you are, standing in front of a long wooden bar, elbow-to-elbow with friends and strangers, staring down at a glass that... continue reading
Barakís Crash Course In Economics
On January 20th, 2009, Barak Obama accepted the toughest assignment of his life and quite possibly anyoneís live. Capitalism is being put to the test. This is not a quiz in Economics, itís the graduate exam. In this age of globalization no one has escaped the effects of our financial meltdown. The grade we receive by b... continue reading
Global Warming is not a problem
The earth is a living breathing organism. It inhales and exhales, it sleeps it stirs. It has gone through a variety of changes as it matured from a molten mass of flowing lava into a reasonably stable sphere that supports an abundance of ever evolving life. Oh yes and one other thing, humans.

It does not mater wheth... continue reading
The Big Three and the Failure of Auto-eroticism
The plight of the American car manufacturers or the Big Three as they would like to be called, is that they never understood the business they were in. Instead of selling transportation they thought they could get by with just selling image. American cars are symbols of wealth and power. The rich and powerful arenít co... continue reading
The True price of Religious Freedom
[extract2]The rights of a select group of people were restricted November 4th. It was accomplished by a well organized and well funded campaign that said, in part, "a California state amendment making gay marriage illegal would protect religious freedom" I find it ironic that the people who believe this to be true, com... continue reading
God is Coming
Yes! God is coming. You can be sure of it. And boy is he going to be pissed when he sees what we've done. He gave us this beautiful planet and look what we've turned it into. I don't think we're going to be able to talk ourselves out of it this time. There is going to be Hell to pay. Literally. And don't even hope that... continue reading
Donít ask me who to vote for
The 2008 presidential election is going to be the most important election of my life, but I really don't care who you vote for. I only care that you vote. I don't necessarily want you to vote for the same person that I do. That would mean that I think I know what I am doing. If thereís one thing I am certain of, itís ... continue reading


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