The earth is a living breathing organism. It inhales and exhales, it sleeps it stirs. It has gone through a variety of changes as it matured from a molten mass of flowing lava into a reasonably stable sphere that supports an abundance of ever evolving life. Oh yes and one other thing, humans.

It does not mater whether your believe in evolution or intelligent design one thing seems obvious, at least to me. Man has not evolved one iota since the beginning of recorded history. I'm not trying to challenge Darwin I'm just saying humans don't seem to fit the theory. Not even a little. But what does this have to do with Global warming you might ask. And here is my answer. We are a fly in the ointment of nature. And it would appear that nature trying to pick us out.

The live stock jammed in cages awaiting execution won't shed too many tears.
Who is really being adversely effected by the hole in our O-Zone. Humans. Who has the most to loose. Humans. Who will care if we all die. No one but us. Ok maybe a couple of house pets that we have marginalized to the point of worthless fur balls but that is about it. Do you think the fish being scooped from the water faster than they can spawn will care. The live stock jammed in cages awaiting execution won't shed too many tears. And if the rivers and fields and mountains that we have dammed up, scrapped bare and blown apart could speak they would surely welcome our demise. And that is where nature comes in.

We personify nature. Call her mother, dress her in a whit robe, give her fake butter. But nature is really just a process. A system of actions and reactions set in motion by, well you fill in the blank, to keep life on this planet in balance. If the scale gets too heavy one side the scale tips and a few things fall off and balance is restored. That is until humans came along. Some how we figured out how to jump from side to side. Then we figured out how to move stuff around ourselves. instead of natural selection we started deciding who stayed and who left,. We got so good at it we started thumbing our nose at nature. Who needs nature when you can split and atom, splice a gene, clone a sheep. Well just like the commercial said. "Its not nice to fool mother nature."

So now things are starting to go bad. We are out running out of oil. We are running out of food. And Nature is running out of patience. And that is when we noticed this hole in the Ozone. We tried to blame it on cows doing to may "hey pull my finger" jokes, but no one really bought that. Then we tried to say that it really wasn't that bad if you just put on a little more sun screen. Pretty soon we'll all look like George Harrison and no one wants that. But then significant parts of the north pole started to trickle off into the ocean and we finally work up. Screwing with mother nature is one thing but mess with Santa Clause is a national crises.

So not we are all concerned and trying to figure out what to do. I say just relax. The fix is in the works. Mother nature has got her hand back on the scale and the adjustment is being made. One hundred thousand years from now, when an archeologist from another galaxy lands here to work on their doctorial thesis. They will take a core sample. Around 5 inches from the top they will find a very thin layer. About the thickness of a thumbnail. And they will wonder what the hell happened during that period of time. I guarantee our layer will not look like any of the others. It will be darker and slimier and have a distinct aroma of arrogance. It won't be much but it will be all that's left.