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Three wives and a Score of children, the African way ...
Imagine having several women you are required to call "Mother," not because they gave birth to you, but because each is your fathers wife. According to the African tradition of polygamy, this makes every one of them your mother.

In a culture where infant mortality is outrageously high and the average woman has fift... continue reading
Dutch community organization aids children in war zones
For the last 18 years they have had no smile and living without a
future ahead of them, but living a daily life of death and survival. In
short one could easily sum up, that they are the hopeless in a hopeless
environment and in a hopeless future.However the pain, and
uncertainties do seem to come to an end, thanks... continue reading
UK students from Devon college visit Africa
All they have been hearing and seeing on television is the disaster, war and famine. Occasionally, images of malnourished children appear as strange stories are told about a war in Uganda. Many hear poor and inaccurate presentations of the rest of the story. To face reality, visiting is the ideal answer. For that... continue reading
The gruesome way of making a living
If you are willing to buy my herbs, here you take it. It is going to
help you treat all sorts of ailments, including snakebites from my
snakes here. Please take the opportunity now because soon I will go
away and you will regret... These were words of a daring
young man who, in a local language (Luganda), announci... continue reading
The Karamonjong Tribe of Uganda
The Karamonjong one of Africas notorious tribes and proliferation of guns for terrorizing their neighbours. ---The art of scaling down on African tribal skirmishes. The Karamojong tribe, one of few African tribes that have continued to live in an 18th century lifestyle, has continued with barbaric acts of raiding ... continue reading
Strange, But To Who?
I was seated at the shores of the beautiful Lake Victoria, in Uganda, with magnificent scenery and a cool breeze sweeping though, cooling down my sun heated body. The sun shines hot at the horizon, and I am wondering what the world will bring next to my country: new cultures, new traditions, new ideasThe newest seems ... continue reading
Malaria Fatalities Tally over 100,000 in Africa Each Year
Uganda joined the rest of Africa on the 15th of April in marking the Africa Malaria day with a theme: "A Malaria Free Future - Children for Children Roll Back Malaria."Globally, every 30 seconds a child dies of malaria with the vast majority of deaths occurring in Africa, South of the Sahara. Infection is primarily amo... continue reading
Illiteracy is Africas Most Virulent Disease, Especially For Women
Malaria, food shortages resulting in malnutrition, economic hardships, unemployment, war, and natural disasters, have impacted Africa severely. And education has been most seriously impacted. Most children dont even start attending school until they are around 7 to 10 years of age, and traditionally, only boys have be... continue reading
A 20 year old living with a 50 year old sweetheart?
I may be too young to know the answer. My instincts tell me that I know almost nothing, even after reading all the letters from my sweetheart. Taking a look at this phenomenon, one would assume young ladies would be drawn to men near their own age. But what about when a young man becomes interested in a woman twice hi... continue reading
An African Student in Sweden
Have you even been to a totally different place - where everything was completely different from anything youve known? I had no experience with airplanes, cold winters, snow, and the first running tubes. I was exhilarated to get there and see it all for myself. Cold Winter Used to the otherwise hot temperatures betwee... continue reading
Promises, Lies and Accusations
Complexity in romantic relationships is something we are well versed with and are probably used to, from cheating and pressure to interference from parents and friends.Now its almost a fashion for men to offer excuses and apologies and women to rely on accusations, questioning their ability to trust or believe t... continue reading
LOvE DoCtor
Dear my sweet heart breaker , For the last hours, days and months I have spent without you I have been all a waste, a hollow person, the spirit has run out of me, I am half leaving with fear and loneliness taking up my life. Never thought life will be like this without you. You are all that my life needs, I can ... continue reading
The Pearl of Africa
The sun is shining, the few clouds don't obscure the beauty of the sky, the lake water is a clear and shining blue and the weather, with a comfortable temperature, gently relaxes the mind with the loveliness of summer. It's all in this part of the world, that, the one time great wise man Sir George Washington cam... continue reading
Death and Suffering
The fireworks for the end of the year in this part of the world: bullet fire and smoke. By Peter Worogga Wadri. Kampala-Uganda The Arab world and many other countries for reasons of religion, culture and tradition choose not to honor the day of December 25th or take it on a later date. However, many across the world di... continue reading
Loneliness is a funny thing, it can be the worst nightmare youve ever had, or it can be the single most important event that happens in your life, the thing that makes you face up to the person who you really are, and accept for good or for bad your place in the world. Having ridden on both sides of this line, I have ... continue reading

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