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A 20 year old living with a 50 year old sweetheart?

 article about A 20 year old living with a 50 year old sweetheart?
I may be too young to know the answer. My instincts tell me that I know almost nothing, even after reading all the letters from my sweetheart.

Taking a look at this phenomenon, one would assume young ladies would be drawn to men near their own age. But what about when a young man becomes interested in a woman twice his age, and the woman is also interested in the young bloods? Of course, the real goal is about loving and caring for your partner. At least, thats what I thought. I wanted to get the answers from those involved in these relationships.

We are all looking for love and compassion - regardless of our age. But are some age combinations best? Should the young be with the young? I spoke with Denis, who is 23, and Marita, who will soon be celebrating her 47th birthday. They are both looking forward to her birthday, as it will signal two years of their flourishing relationship.

Here is Julian, and she likes Jonathan. Why? Because he is almost her age. Jonathan is 20 and Julian 19.

Trust me to find out why this is happening. I went to a few pubs and clubs, then some other shades to get the sober truth, nothing at all from the Net.

Denis gave me his thoughts, which I was still trying to figure out. He was enthusiastic and on fire to tell me, yes, it was all about flying love. What did he mean?

He said there is no stronger love and care- passion that can swallow you up- like the kind an older woman can give. "Look at some one who is above 35 years. She has seen it all, got the pros and cons of the whole thing. All they need is some one to be there for them," Denis says. They have all the time for you, there is nothing like career hassles.

I thought Denis really sounded little bit selfish, but Julian had a similar answer to the love and age question. "I mean, you have got time to learn, and don't have to be ashamed at any moment when you are together," she says.

I think Julian is right. At a young age, you have time for consultation. Your boyfriend is at the same level as you are, so you feel free to do and say anything. Age mates can have topics to talk about- there is a level of discussion. But when one is 20 and the other 40, there is definitely a wide gap. There is no discussion. Rather, there is an opinion shared.

Each one accepts the advantages and disadvantages the both have.    

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